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  1. Foot brake lever extension

    Africa Twin
    I am doing a lot of off-road with my Africa (RD07) and in standing position i can't reach the rear brake pedal. So i am looking for a foot brake lever extension. Any suggestions? Do you think this do?
  2. For Sale: Side Stand Extension Spreader Foot

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a few left of the spreader feet. Made in stainless steel with stainless fasteners. Fit XRV750, Transalp, XL600 & any Honda with the offset plate on the original stand. £12.50 posted UK or £17.50 Worldwide.
  3. For Sale: Side Stand Extension

    For Sale / Wanted
    LAST FEW REMAINING IF YOU WOULD LIKE ONE - I have acquired a few of these stainless steel side stand extension plates. They fit XRV750 Africa Twin, Transalp, XL600 & 650, and any model with a stand the same as the photo. They are £12.50 posted within the UK and £17.50 anywhere else. PM me if you...
  4. rd07 cockpit tuning

    Africa Twin
    Hello everyone:) I'm looking for 2d drawings of the extension plate for cockpit on rd07, could be in dxf/pdf or in 3d step or similuar. Anyone who could help?
  5. Wanted: Touratech Single Comfort seat and luggage rack

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Guys After being messed about for 2 months by Touratech I am looking for a Single seat system with the luggage rack extension, any condition considered. I may consider an original dual seat that I will convert myself. call me!
  6. For Sale: Touratech Luggage Rack Extension BMW R11**GS

    For Sale / Wanted
    £40 ono now inc post (in the UK)
  7. Centre Stand Extension

    Africa Twin
    Hi all due to the new suspension wheels and centre stand are now touching ground all at the same time. My idea was to weld some steel bar at the end of each centre stand leg. 4-5cm are needed to lift the rear wheel some 2-3cm off ground. Anyone did this before? Did it work? Other, better...
  8. Wunderlich Universal Screen Extension for sal

    NOW SOLD! I have a little used Wunderlich Universal Screen extender for sale. The acrylic screen is almost unused and the aluminium part has been used for six months. Its a very good piece of kit giving smooth airflow over the helmet. It's no longer needed as selling my TA. £40 including...
  9. XR400 rear indicator problem

    Heat from the exhaust gases is frying the rear indicator housing and vibration from the exhaust destroys the bulb! Is there an off the shelf bracket that will move the right indicator below the line of the exhaust and into fresh air? Or is there an angled extension/deflector tube to fit the...
  10. 320mm disc with Brembo caliper dimensions needed.

    Dominator / FMX
    Anyone out there running a 320mm disc with the Brembo caliper? I have to make an extension to get my Brembo to fit, I was originally going with the 276mm Africa Twin setup but decided to go all out and buy the EBC supermoto setup. Problem is the extension bracket that came in the set fits XR's...
  11. For Sale: Touratech luggage rack extn honda xl700 transalp

    For Sale / Wanted
    Luggage rack extension for Honda Transalp XL700V, from 2008 | Touratech Ltd As new. £40 posted. Tel Alan 07545638517
  12. Fork Extensions

    Africa Twin Kitped needs another 2 definite buyers before he can place the order. PM him. :thumbup:
  13. For Sale: Africa Twin Side Stand 50mm extended

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD Hello; I'm selling this on behalf of Vern (project VND). It is an RD07 sidestand that has been extended by 50mm and internally reinforced where the extension is. (Thunder can vouch for Vern's work, sorry to drop you in it!) It's £65 including postage if you send him your old side...
  14. Telephone advice

    Any BT-type people out there? My parents have a problem with their DECT cordless phone working out in an out building (garage converted to an office). In the past they ran a telephone extension out there but it kept attracting lightning and causing power cuts. They use those plug in the...
  15. How much !!!!

    At the moment, we're having a small extension built - with a new kitchen in it. Not a big, or grand kitchen, but the best quote (just to fit out the kitchen) so far is £13,500 !! That includes £2,700 for quartz worktop, and £700 for "templating" - whatever that might be !! I know I'm tight, but...
  16. hi , aero trim or other ?

    hi every one , i've just fitted a genuine honda touring screen on my ta 650 and am getting quiet a lot of buffeting around my face area also very noisy , i,m not a tall rider just 5'10 (average i guess) ,has anyone tryed a aero trim or an other type of extension / attachement to help with the...
  17. Help with sidestand extension - welder needed...

    Hello! I have raised the TA 650 and need the side stand extended, I can't find the post again by whealiebin. But does anyone know a welder near Kingston Upon Thames? Or anyone I can post it to that can help me out?? Cheers Jez.
  18. Builders near Edinburgh

    Anyone here know of a builder who'd fancy a wee building job in Edinburgh? I'm looking for someone to build an extension to my garage which will make it 4M longer. Rendered brick or concrete block 1 window and one single access door Cash job etc....
  19. Wanted: RAM mount bits

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm looking for a RAM camera mount and extension arm. Anyone got unused bits lying around? Beer vouchers waiting.
  20. DIY idle screw extension

    Bodgers Corner
    Been runing the bike with no easy way of adjusting idle, as it only ever had a screw when i bought it (not very easy to adjust with my big mitts). As the bike was nekkid, decided to bodge something that was easy to get to and it works - and it was cheap:occasion8:. Bought one of these first...