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  1. Hello - New Member

    Hello All. This is my first post on this forum so i would like to introduce myself. Coming from a Fazer 600 to a Transalp 700 2013 and I am excited to hear all your experiences and knowledge and share my ones as much. I am living in Ireland for the past 17 years and been riding only for the past...
  2. What do i replace my Transalp 600 with?

    i'm thinking of replacing my TA 600 and Tiger 955i with just one "do it all bike", and though I'd ask here on everyone's opinion 75% of my riding is in/around London, so it must to be manageable in heavy traffic it needs to be able to sit comfortably at 70-80 mph on the motorway/A-roads no...
  3. which bike, advice required

    Hi, sold my AT last summer and now looking to get another bike. Looking at around the 4k mark for solely commuting through gridlocked traffic 40 mile round trip each day. Bikes I have been looking at are, vstrom, versys, nc700x, transalp and tenere. I 've owned a single before( f650) and found...
  4. For Sale: BMW F650 Funduro in lovely condition

    For Sale / Wanted
    This is my bike for sale
  5. For Sale: 2003 BMW F650GS Dakar For Sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD Really is sold this time :thumbup: Steve T :cool:
  6. Importing Spanish XRV650 - Power Loss Issue

    Africa Twin
    Hi folks, I've just purchased my first Africa Twin after mostly being into road bikes previously, and selling a BMX F650 Funduro within a week of buying it...! Photo attached. I've picked up a Spanish XRV650 and am currently in the process of registering it with the DVLA, but I also have a...
  7. Wanted: Wanted URGENTLY! G650 GS Lowering links

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLVED!!! - Wanted URGENTLY! G650 GS Lowering links Hey guys, Tracey finally has her dream G650 GS, :rolleyes: but even with the factory lower seat and the pre-load wound off the back shock and the front forks pushed up the yokes 20mm its still in tippy-toe land. So............... Anyone...
  8. Wanted: Wanted - Transalp / Dommie / F650 / Big Single etc - South West UK

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, posted the below on the ADV forum, if you know or have anything suitable please message me - Thanks, Gareth Just sold my last bike and looking for my next, Sod's law states that when I didn't have the cash there were loads available and now I do there don't seem to be any! Budget is...
  9. Decisions decisions agghhhhh!

    I have a 96 Africa twin with only 33k on the clock, I've had it nearly eight years. Its good mechanically but cosmetically it needs some love and attention, problem is I uses it every day for work so can't rebuild it and it needs a respray, or the minimum a bagster tank cover, new seat or seat...
  10. For Sale: BMW Vario top box and mounting plate to fit f650/800gs models.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Item now sold subject to the usual. This box and plate are in really good condition, only been on the bike for 2300 miles. Yours for £50 plus postage (probably about £14) Andy.
  11. For Sale: Found this on ABR. F650GS Twin for sale.

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  12. Sold: F650 GS 'Jaffa'

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, well to fund my next bike, this one needs to be going. It's a BMW F650 GS from 2001 Tax till end of June but can Tax at cost, Mot a couple of months but only done a thousand since last one (no advisories) Comfy and very economical (70plus with mixed riding) could do with a bit of tlc...
  13. Choices

    Since buying my bike I have had the little nag in the back of my mind that I should have bought the F650 instead. My bike is in Vines at the moment for its annual service and getting the Head race Bearings replaced ( it is true they are made of Cheese). I have a 650 on loan, It is a great little...
  14. Once is careless

    Twice is downright daft. OK so I've been out for a run on the old Beemer and I return to a packed garage with four biles already there with my lads f650 blocking the door so I set about moving it forward a bit to free up the space at the door. Rolled it off the mainstand, forward a bit then...
  15. For Sale: F650 GS Seat

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I've coughed up for a tarted up Dakar seat and have my standard GS saddle going spare, it's in VGC with no rips or tears and comfy. Selling it for £50 if you want to pick it up or £60 if you want it posted. Oh, and it's black (I know some can be a bit 'funky') Can post a pic if...
  16. Fun funduro?

    Hi all, anyone got any experience of an early F650 (Funduro) I know Chris Scott didn't poo poo them too much, and I know it has a smaller front wheel! but they are pretty cheap these days:thumb: and seem to be aging pretty well (better than me) so c'mon hit me with your comments and experiences
  17. Brrrrrr . . . . . tis cold Ooop north

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Another run into the hills found me just west of Tomatin, wandering around near some wind turbines on the 650 Dakar . . . If you look really closely you can just make out the hills in the far distance – the ones with snow on them On several occasions on the above little road I...
  18. For Sale: Bmw f650 funduro for sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
  19. Blue Flame Exhaust systems?

    Anyone of you fellows uses them? I am as you might guess interested in this one:
  20. Stealth F650

    My youngest bought some panels from Wibur (A big poster) earlier in the year, then promptly dumped them on Dad, muttering something about replacing the batterred ones on his bike for these battered ones from Wilbur. Well, Dad finally got round to getting the bike into the garage...