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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    As above BMW tank bag for F800GS/GSA. Had it fitted to my 13 plate GSA, it's only done one trip. Nothing wrong with the bag I no longer have the bike. £100 posted
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    New, never fitted. Cost new £28.77 plus p and p, plus the delay to receive it as TT UK have nowt in stock and have to order it from Germany. Fits MANY different bikes. Please see original TT webpage: Folding mirror, length adjustable for BMW F650GS/ F650GS Dakar/ G650GS/ G650GS Sertao/...
  3. eBay Items For Sale
    BMW F800GS | eBay
  4. Accessories
    Could be worth investigating if one is in the market for some alu panniers. Link to BUMOT Web page: Home And some pictures from ADV Rider: BUMOT luggage system for BMW F800GS - ADVrider
  5. BMW
    I have just changed the OEM front springs on my F800GS. I installed a set of Öhlins (Ohlins for you english spoken). What a remarkable difference! The bike is so much more planted and do not nose plunge when braking hard. I already had the rear kitted out with an Öhlins so now the bike is just...
  6. BMW
    At long, long last, she's mine. And for this weekend only, I've got this one................
  7. Chatter
    A really good watch. Long at over an hour but an interesting video diary from five guys offroading on bikes ranging from a wee DR to a 1200 GS BMW F800GS, HP2, 1150GS, X-Challenge, Suzuki DR650 crazy offroad weekend - YouTube
  8. Accessories
    Looking for a company that distributes/sells SuperTrap exhaust systems. So far I only managed to locate delars that sells system for cars, or Harleys. But I'm looking for this: SuperTrapp SuperLight Stainless Series Slip-On for BMW F650S, F800GS and R1200GS.MOV - YouTube the new supertrap...
  9. BMW
    I was looking for some decent and not over expensive alu panniers when I stumbled upon this... But I guess I will be better of with sticking to my plan of getting alu panniers! ;)
  10. BMW
    I thought I just share some impressions from the first longer trip done on my F800GS. Quality: Do not like the plastic handlebar pods. I would prefere to have them in good old aluminium. Finish: So far so good. Sound: It sounds like... a Boxer! BMW have IMHO managed to create quite a good and...
  11. Accessories
    Anyone of you fellows uses them? I am as you might guess interested in this one:
  12. BMW
    Just purchased my next bike! 2012 BMW F800GS Trophy, with the usual extras, minus alarm. There were only two left 4-sale in Sweden, and now there is only one. Will take delivery on friday the 29'th this month. I have great expectations from this bike. /Kjell
  13. Transalp
    Hi all Looking to buy a new XL700, but wondered what the consensus is on their ability to survive winter without disappearing under a white and brown fur. I would look after it and use the essential ACF50, but I do like to ride in all weather and on salty roads. So what's the verdict - capable...
  14. BMW
    Three facelifted models: BMW F800GS Trophy, Bmw g650 gs sertao, and Bmw r1200gs rallye. The Trophy: The Sertao: And finally the Rallye:
  15. DSC01786

  16. Transalp
    Big debate to post here but here goes. I've done 30k on my 08 TA700 and loved every moment. I've dealt with the usual warranty issues with an exhaust upgrade awaiting me at my dealers. I've added all the accessories I could need/use within limits. I've commuted daily in all weathers and...
  17. F800GS bits

  18. F800GS bits

1-18 of 35 Results