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  1. anyone fabricated a Alu skid pan for a 650

    been looking at replacing the plastic one on the 650, i know someone who welds aluminium and he said he could do one if he has a plan to work to. not being Norman foster,has anyone done this and would be willing share the plans (beer tokens available!)
  2. XR400 Side Stand Help

    I have a problem with the side stand. I have had the bike a few years. It did not have a stand when I bought it. I thought I would just buy another one and bolt on. Then I realised there is no where to bolt it! It did not really bother me as I use it off road only. However I want to get it on...
  3. About to sync the carbs ... What about the mixture screws???

    Africa Twin
    Hi lads I've made a carb sync setup, and is almost ready to go: - tubes with some oil in. - Fabricated the nipples to attach the tubes (can' get them here) - Cleaned the K&N air filter. - Located the sync screw, and fabricated an angle screwdriver Now I see the idle mixture screws (?) on the...
  4. 1st one finished!!

    Africa Twin
    Interesting things have been happening down here in the New Forest over the past couple of months. Mel and I have been converting our @s into something a bit special.:blob7::blob8::D:D So just in time for Mel's trip to the HUMM in Spain, we finished his last night.:D...
  5. Panniers or Throw-overs?

    Hello I am planning a solo trip to Spain around Easter with a mate, It'll be my first overseas trip and the longest ride I have ever done since getting back in to bikes 9 years ago. I have a Vara 08 with topbox, but having done a 2 day ride in autumn, I know the box isn't big enough for what...
  6. DIY panniers and Switzerland

    I have gleaned many useful bits of info from this forum in the past, so I thought I may reciprocate. A few words on DIY panniers for the TA. Frankly, new hard panniers and fitting rack are an extortionate price, so a DIY solution seems a good idea. The panniers themselves are not a real issue...
  7. Lowered Footpegs RD03/04 and Transalp

    Bodgers Corner
    After sitting on and actually riding (thanks RallyPanAm and Jonah Street) a few real rally bikes, I realized that my foot pegs were set much too high. My handlebar/seat relationship was good but any time I stood up, the bars were too low and I was working too hard going repeatedly from sitting...
  8. Fabricating an exhaust heat shield for xr400

    My XR4 has an FMF full exhaust system on which doesnt have a heat shield,has anyone fabricated a heat shield for an aftermarket set of pipes?If i wanted to get one made what are the basics i need to know,ie how do i secure it in place and what material to make it out of etc? Thanks
  9. New Exhausts????

    Just spoke to a guy at and they can fabricate an exhaust for a AT/TA's, It will need someone more local to fleetwood in Lancs, to leave their bike with them to get a pattern fabricated. I have heard these pipes on a VTR 1000 and they are awesome...... Any...