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  1. Hagon preload the hell?????

    Hi all. hopefully someone can help. I recently bought a hagon monoshock with the optional preload adjustor unit. the problem I have now, is that there is about a foot of hydraulic hose with a big metal adjuster on the end. i have no clue as to where to mount it using the supplied bracket. I've...
  2. Honda xr80 engine swap to 125 eg. Cg125? Any help appreciated

    Has anybody ever put a Honda 125 eg. Cg 125 engine in a Honda xr80 1987 ? Just wondering if the engine mounts are same/similar ? Is much fabrication needed if any ? Any help appreciated Thanks
  3. Hypothetical: SV650 in AT?

    Africa Twin
    Question for the more experienced folks here. How close are these two engines? Obviously, there would be some fabrication involved, but weight savings, power gains and fuel injection!!!!! Maybe someone has tried it? Just a thought, not something I've really considered, but interested in a...
  4. XL600LM Tank/Seat/Lights Onto US Spec XL600R

    Hi all, I've posted this on AdvRider too, but it seems to be stuck in moderation so I'll try here as well. Hope that's cool. I've got a couple of SOHC Honda's, but some Aussie mates and I are riding from Portland to Los Angeles in the US over first two weeks of September. To that end, I bought...
  5. Help!! Can anyone identify this item please?!!!!

    Africa Twin
    In what seems to be the time honoured humourous way of this forum - I wondered if any of you could identify this item? Please bear with it to the end - IT WILL BE WORTH IT!!!!! All those who said chair- Wrong!! It LOOKS like a chair - Still looks like a chair - BUT!!! Let's...
  6. Welding/Fabrication repairs South Wales

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Some of you may know me, my name is Paul and I live in Barry, S.Glam. I am a Africa twin rider and have been riding bikes (all year round) for 33 years and have owned an @ for 19years. I make pannires frames, crashbars, headlight guards etc, etc and can modify and repair exhausts. I will...
  7. Fabrication/ Engineering in London

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Does anyone know of anyone who can and will undertake some one of fabrication welding and thread repair in or near London? Basically I want to fabricate a luggage system for my RD03 , get some welding done to a trailer and have a thread repaired . Finding someone to undertake such work in...
  8. drum brake swap out

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, just purchased an 89 TA with low km and had a question. Has anyone upgraded to a disc brake wheelset in the back and what did it take as far as fabrication goes? I live in the islands south of Vancouver so not many TA's around. Thanks, Jim:cool:
  9. AT clutch basket

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I've opened the clutch on my '98 AT to check for wear. Everything seems all right, apart from the clutch plate bearing (which I've changed) and some strange marks on the clutch basket. These could be cracks or some kind of marks from the fabrication process. I've attached some pictures...
  10. Touratech Zega Boxes

    Right , the company i work for has recently aquired a metal fabrication company. I was there today and raised the subject of having Alu` cases made and the Boss assures me they can make "Anything ". So as touratech want silly money for a relatively simple piece of engineering i will get a...
  11. Introducing (drumroll) - Frankendom ( a work in progress !)

    Dominator / FMX
    just to update you on how i have been butchering my once pristine dom: In addition to the toolbox/sumpguard, i am intending to fit a new fairing (obtained from African Queens - its a universal fairing). I also have some twin headlights bought off e-bay. Ive got a fair bit of fabrication to do...

    Dominator / FMX
    Part 1 pictures of new sump guard fabrication - others to follow v. soon.
  13. Laser pro-duro

    Ok, any of you guys know if the Laser pro-duro for a TA will fit/ work with my RD03 650cc AT, it's a slightly different model number, but I have a big hammer and can make most things fit with the help of a stainless steel fabrication company I know :wink:
  14. Overland Solutions

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    I'm sure alot of you will have heard of Ernie and his company 'Overland Solutions' but for those of you who haven't he is legendary in the 'overlanding' world. He is not just a fabrication company but, designs and makes all manner of parts for bikes. Check out the website...