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  1. XR
    Hi, ..... I am looking for a bit of clarification please re: my new drive sprocket. The Honda manual (& YouTube vids) all state ..... install with the tooth number stamped on the socket, facing out. (this was the case on the one I just took out) But the new Renthal sprocket I have, appears...
  2. Africa Twin
    Anyone know where or if I can pick up a fuel pump connector plug? I would like to have the facet pump I bought to have as a spare on my next road trip and just put a stock plug on it to have ready. I have a set of new points to put in old pump and would like to keep it in place for now. I really...
  3. Africa Twin
  4. Africa Twin
    Question for the gurus please. I found this Facet pump: "Facet FEP04SV Posi-flo Electric Fuel Pump 1.5-4 Psi Includes Clamps fittings" The psi is 1.5-4 and flow is 25Gph. Will ot work as a replacement to the oem pump?
  5. Africa Twin
    Hi, I think I have excessive draw on the battery on my XRV 750 AT. I have used a multimeter set on 10 amps and checked the main -ve and also the separate Facet fuel pump -ve. I get: Main -ve 0.08 (800 milliamps I think) Fuel Pump -ve 0.04 (400 milliamps I think) I think this is too much but...
  6. Africa Twin
    Went out for a ride today and it was a nice 40C, so of course since I just got it back from the dealership and have done some.... preventative maintenance. Of course the fuel pump took a dump. Yes, I know I should have/will change it to a facet eventually just need it on the road for now. But I...
  7. Africa Twin
    Hi I'm rebuilding this rd04 and want it to be a bike I can use a lot and be reliable so I'd like to address areas which might cause a problem now it's got new chain and sprockets.its had a new rectifier when last used a new battery and I'm looking at a facet or new points for the fuel pump. Any...
  8. Africa Twin
    Hi I've heard about the fuel pump issues and was wondering if it's worth changing to a facet or just getting a points repair kit. I'm current rebuilding my rd04 and want it to be reliable when finished. The pump was working fine when the bike last run. Cheers
  9. Africa Twin
    3 day before my trip my facet gone and new pump will be late. Any one can lend me fuel pump or sold for trip. needs to be original honda pump. thank you
  10. Africa Twin
    I have a facet pump That came with my rd07a I am looking to put the original pump back to the bike as Mr HONDA intended. Is this a simple task? Or faff I am just curious to see how the bike will run,and like original stuff.:(
  11. Africa Twin
    Hi guys, collected another RD07 AT for my mate, I think it's been a UK bike, as I can trace it from the Irish documents, emigrated to Poland, then Ireland and to Scotland via Northen Ireland. At some point the clocks have been changed and are now white kmh, he's not bothered a bout the mileage...
  12. Chatter
    Annonce de service public: Looks like All riders of a motorcycle, scooter, trike or quad in France will have to wear motorcycle gloves from 20th November 2016 onwards. And passengers will have to wear gloves as well. So don't get caught out if you've any trips planned through France, or else...
  13. For Sale / Wanted
    XRV 750 Africa Twin 1990 stick on MPH clock face Does anyone know where I can get a stick on MPH face for my clocks, please. Regards, Tim.
  14. Varadero
    I've been thinking about relocating the fuel pump (Facet), anyone any ideas or pictures if they've done it? I'm hoping to relocate it higher up in behind the main fairing somewhere. I did look into fitting it by the carbs, but I think it might be too large. Thanks in advance :thumb:
  15. Africa Twin
    Not sure if these have been raised before but I found this on eBay Germany today. Benzinpumpe, Fuelpump Honda XRV750 Afrika Twin, RD04, 1990-1992 | eBay In view of the grief that some have getting the Facet to fit in the rubber mount, might this be a reasonable alternative?
  16. For Sale / Wanted
    Hello folks I'm looking for a plastic classic mx face mask with goggles in black,white or blue,. Cheers in advance jon
  17. Africa Twin
    Hi All, I have a RD03 and the fuel pump needs to be changed. For the replacement I decided to go with the Facet fuel pump. There is a lot of information about installing the RD04/07 Facet fuel pump but u can't find anything on the RD03. The problem is the Facet won't fit where the OEM Pump...
  18. Africa Twin
    Hoping someone as some pics of how a facit pump fits on an RD04 as I have tried but not sure where to put fuel pipes and its such a tight fit
  19. Transalp
    After 3 months with my 700 TA it has now departed for pastures new. I never really gelled with it the way I did with my previous 650s - it is, as many have observed, a different beast apparently aimed at a different market. For a while I was intending to change it for another 650 but I got...
  20. For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a pair of panniers to go on a Givi rack, not too bothered about cosmetics both need to big enough to take a full face helmet. Has anybody got anything kicking about?
1-20 of 75 Results