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  1. My Africa Twin XRV 750 Facelift

    Africa Twin
    I have had most big trail bikes over the years KLR600, Cagiva 500 and 650 elephant, Tenere 600, XL600 LMF but settled and loved my Africa Twin since 1996, then recently had a mid life crisis and give my old AT to my manager for his 25th year working for our company and bought a BMW GS800...
  2. For Sale: Website re-skin & free shipping on orders over £35

    For Sale / Wanted
    At Opie Oils, we think it's good to change things up every now and then. That's why we've given our website a bit of a facelift - we still have the same fantastic range of products, (which is constantly growing) but we have made it easier to find exactly what you need by stripping back the...
  3. New Bike!

    Hi all Well, I'm extremely excited this evening as tomorrow may well be the day I buy my first Transalp 600! It is a '99 twin disc model that was imported in 2011 but has been converted already to mph. I am looking at it tomorrow, but I hope to be the proud owner and riding it back along the M4...
  4. AT tank onto late 600 Transalp?

    I saw a thread somewhere (and now can't find it) where someone described fitting an AT tank to a late model 'facelift' TA600 Thinking about doing this mod on a 600 I am considering buying, since a mate who owes me a favour has an AT tank sitting in his shed! Does anyone know how well (if at...
  5. First start after many years

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I bought an africa twin that was in a terrible state. It has since recieved a major facelift and a top end engine rebuild. I have put oil in the bike but before i press the start button, i wanted to know if anyone has some tips on how to try and make the first start as smooth as possible...
  6. Transalp 600 fairings. HELP!

    Hello, i am new to the site, and am in need of some information! Does anyone know if the transalp 600 1980's - 94 fairings will fit a 95 (facelift model) transalp 600? Also will they match up with the cowel? Any information on it is welcome! Thanks!
  7. hello!

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    hi all, I'm Miguel and i'm from Portugal. I have an 97 black Africa Twin with 80.000 km and i just love it. it's the best bike in the world!!! i'm not the best to take care of it but recently she got a big facelift and now she's running like a sweet baby! infortunatly soon after she came out...
  8. NEC Show

    Just got back from NEC show very good as usual. I liked the new Triumph Tiger but it is very road orientated. Also that little Kawasaki Versys is a very nice bike for the missus. Talking of which Anna really did not know how close she came to working on the street tonite, i really thought it...