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  1. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Due to zero take up, probably because of other events over this weekend, this is cancelled regards John
  2. Chatter
    I plead Guilty, M'lud. My "adventure" bike is pretty damn good for crossing Europe, but it's too big and too heavy for real adventure riding in the under-developed world. The locals there ride their little 125s (and smaller) with road tyres through cloying mud, rivers and all the rest, maybe...
  3. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I would like the thoughts of the hardcore camper dudes on what is needed for an overnight (maybe 2 nights) campsite where no facilities exist in an open grass field? Just pondering ....again, on whether to try and hold a smallish get together here later in the year, got a couple of nice...
  4. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Evening all, :thumbright: just thought I ought to let you know that there's only 2 days left to run on the £20 discount offer for the HUBB UK Adventure Travel event. So, if you book and pay before the end of Thursday the 31st you'll get entry into a 4 day event with 200 sessions of...
  5. Chatter
    we often go camping with friends with kids of similar age. This year we have decided to upgrade our BBQ facilities and I was browising the internet when I came across : CADAC Carri Chef Deluxe 47cm | eBay has anyone had any experience of these? Any good? Thanks!
  6. Africa Twin
    What's the crack with national day then , were and when , what's going on , numbers any facilities pub ect ect cost. Anyone from the Northampton area going ? :thumbup:
  7. Africa Twin
    Hi, I'm new on here so if the subject has been covered before don't shoot I come in peace. The clock is working, the stopwatch is working but the distance facilities aren't. I've checked with a multimeter and I'm getting an electrical reading when the front wheel is being rotated. Anyone with...
  8. National Organisers
    The loos and showers are more substantial than at Dent but I suspect we might need extra loos. Any thoughts? Who will organise this? Can we get power out to the marquee (assuming we have one)? Anyone know if there is internet access - We could webcam the whole event :p
  9. Past National Meets
    Ok I thought I'd start a thread on this. There has been some concern that the facilities wouldn't be up to the job for the number of us going. I spoke to the owners of the site about it today. And what lovely people they are, who just want us to have a fantastic time and are willing to do...
1-9 of 10 Results