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  1. Africa Twin
    Hi all, I have been lucky enough to be the new owner of an 96 XRV750. As we all know there are not many here in the US and I'm excited to get her on the road. I'm working on rebuilding the motor and I can not find info on what grit of hone to use to re-ring. I have factory rings and the bores...
  2. Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I'm trying to restore my '88 dommie in factory condition, and so I need a new seat cover (the red one with the simple "honda" on the sides). Do you know some websites or shops wher I can find it (as close as possible to the orginal ?) Thanks !
  3. Transalp
    Have a newly acquired 2008 700. Does anyone know the factory settings for damping and preload on a std shock? Its fine over big bumps (like speed humps) but a small, frequent sequence (like when the tarmac gets ripples in it - or rumble strips) feels like there's no suspension at all. I'm...
  4. For Sale / Wanted
    Just had this subframe professionally sandblasted and powdercoated in gloss black. Came up well - probably better than new as Factory finish is terrible. All rubber bushings present and undamaged. Came off a 2001 RD07A - guaranteed straight. My understanding is that this part only fits this...
  5. Transalp
    Hi there! I just bought very nice 89 Transalp and am looking for a low seat option. The only ones I can find here in the States are quite expensive and take quite some time to be ready. Anyone know of anything available across the pond, either new or used? Any insight would be greatly...
  6. XL
    I am reassembling a 1975 tl250 and the holes for dowels that retain the crank bearings are different on each side. the cam drive side is much smaller than the clutch side. the standard dowel fits the clutch side but not the cam drive side the parts book shows both the same part number The...
  7. Transalp
    guys, just double checking do i know my front sprocket is on in the right orientation? is there some text or mark which should be visible? is the rubber portion on the outside as in the EPC diagram? R. its a genuine honda one by the way
  8. Africa Twin
    My RD 07 has 35 w / 35 w halogen bulbs. Is this the standard factory rated bulb?Is it possible to install 55 w / 65 w bulbs without any issues (heat damage etc)? Thanks. Africa Queen RD 07 - Exploring the countryside of Sri Lanka, A Land Like No Other.
  9. XL
    Hi could someone tell me how many colours Did they do on a 1980 frame my frame is red But unsure and side panels red but look Painted red rear shocks are red and tank red looks Like had a respray so a bit confused I want to Rebuild to factory colours hope someone can Help me thanks
  10. Africa Twin
    Hi guys! I have my AT set at roughly 700 RPM idle speed. Lower than that and it becomes a rough and jumpy ride. Higher than that and the bike becomes too eager, as well as some nasty clanking when selecting the first gear from neutral. So to me, 1200 RPM idle seems too fast, even though this is...
  11. Transalp
    I thought when i bought this it had been repainted at some point. But now after taking it apart theres no signs of other colours anywhere not even under the tank. What do you think?
  12. Africa Twin
    Hi, I understand there wasnt a factory team in 92 .. really dont find much on the interweb.. looking for a few pixs of the non official bikes that entered. Did Honda provide the marathon that year, or was it earlier on the RD03 only.. any info welcome.. cheers Matt
  13. Transalp
    Never seen this before, the Italian Honda Factory.
  14. XR
    Hey there! As you see I am new to the forum and a newbie to bikes. I am thinking of getting an XR 600 for my first bike for several reasons which we can debate. What I am not sure of is, am I going to be able to ride the bike with another person? I've found some temporary solutions, without...
  15. Transalp
    Hi all, can anyone short list the aftermarket cans which would fit on a 2006 650 alp with factory luggage (and factory luggage mounting frame)... Would be stupid to change the unit only to find that I would have to change panniers too? thanks as always R.
  16. Crossrunner / Crosstourer
    Hi, at 8k miles I am really enjoying the Crosstourer. It will however need new tyres very soon. Has anyone tried anything other than the standard factory fitted? Thanks
  17. Africa Twin
    anyone know where i can get a facet fuel pump for my 92 RD07? I'm still running the original factory one but people keep saying oh you must get a facet and that i'm on borrowed time with the old unit.
  18. BMW
    Does anyone have any feedback on Williams BMW dealership in Manchester? I've got my eye on this . Think it's an ex-demo, but it's well kitted up, and has lowered factory chassis :). Not sure the Bank Manager would be happy, but they don't skimp on themselves, do they? What do you folks have to...
  19. Transalp
    Hi guys Sorry for the seemingly odd question: This summer I’m riding my 88 Trannie in Central Asia. In places like Tajikistan/ Kyrgyzstan I could be up at 4000m/16000 feet above sea level. Has anyone ridden at altitude and adjusted/changed their carb jets? Currently the bike has standard jetting...
1-20 of 30 Results