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  1. Switch Blocks and light panel for RD04

    Africa Twin
    Gday, Ive been looking through the few sites that I know about but unable to find replacement switch blocks as mine are very faded and the writing has long gone. The same with the indicator light panel. Genuine parts only? or does someone make a replacement for these. Cheers
  2. How to make that faded rubber plastic shine

    Hi there. I think i got an idea. Was tidying my garage and faound some magic spongues (not magic mushrooms :)), and figured it out... I have been trying to get my rubbery Vara plastics a bit less faded without luck. Tried peanut butter, silicon conditioner etc. Last time in Singapore I got hold...
  3. For Sale: Alpinestars gore tex gloves - size med/9

    For Sale / Wanted
    Afternoon. Alpinestars jet road gore tex gloves for sale, size med/9 but on the generous side. Totally waterproof and warm lined gloves with carbon knuckles. As you can see one of the logos has faded but it doesn't affect the use of the gloves and they're in very good cond. £30 posted. Cheers .
  4. The Longest Day

    Hi Guys, Not been here for a while, but for some reason I nipped back on today. It's 6 years and 1 day since I rode with a group of you guys (Z-Wieser you still here?) from John OGroats to Lands End. I'm still wearing the wrist band I bought off Vader (but the writing is almost faded off)...
  5. For Sale: Givi Maxia 52 top box (cheap)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Well used but perfectly sound, solid and durable 52ltr Givi top box. The outside is a bit faded (sure it'd come up ok with some cockpit shine/back to black etc) & there are a few marks & scrathes through general use. Solid, very practical, 2 keys, locks/hinges/catches etc all work perfectly...
  6. 1989 XRV650 RD03 Restoration

    Africa Twin
    I managed to import a 1989 XRV650 RD03 from Thunder last year. As far as I know, it is one of five RD03s in North America right now (there may be more, but they have not come up on my radar yet). That makes this not only a wonderful bike in its own right, but a very rare machine that deserves to...
  7. Superb condition bike and I'm back!

    Dominator / FMX
    Woohoo, bought a Dommie today :blob7: I've never seen a bike in such great condition. One owner, used for a once a year trip and serviced again after each trip. Couple of pictures attached and the condition is faaaaar better than the pictures show:D These are pictures from the ad. The clocks...
  8. xr400 stator wiring help???

    Hey lads, bought an rm stator for the xr but having a bit of trouble wiring it, any diagrams I look at has a yellow and pink wire going to the regulator. Problem on mine is these wires are cut and go nowhere, also I don't have a pink wire it's white, unless it has faded? Also I have a white wire...
  9. RD04 wont start :-(

    Africa Twin
    Hey guys So dont use my AT a massive amount, maybe once a week max. Came to use it yesterday, started fine, i rode it about 5 miles. Stopped for about 3-4 hrs and returned to it. I fried it up and she started and ran for about 5 secs then faded out and wouldnt re start. I have tried again today...
  10. For Sale: 2005 Transalp

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    2005 Transalp - NOW SOLD NOTE - BIKE NOW SOLD Looking to sell my Transalp. Realistic, fair offers invited. (I've asked for advice on the price on the 'What's it Worth' section of the forum.) 2005, 41k miles, 2 owners from new (Honda dealer then me), fully functioning, ultra-reliable...
  11. 2005 Transalp

    What's it worth?
    2005 Transalp - NOW SOLD NOTE - BIKE NOW SOLD Looking to sell my Transalp. Suggestions for a realistic, fair price would be appreciated. I realise I would probably maximise the price by removing all the kit and selling it separately, but would rather avoid that if possible. 2005, 41k...
  12. My Tall Rider Modifications to my 650 TA: Raise handlebars by 200mm and seat 100mm

    Here’s some photos of my 650 Transalp before I made any serious changes to it. Bog Stock 2003 Australia model. 20010-...
  13. Restoring plastics

    Bodgers Corner
    Got some plastics that are bit faded and marked i read somewhere about bringing them back but can't find it now any suggestions :thumb:
  14. eBay: Weise Maverick jacket and trousers

    For Sale / Wanted
    Just put my Weise Maverick jacket and trousers on Ebay... Trousers have only been worn twice, and the jacket, despite a fair bit of use, is in VGC. Only 'problem' is that the orange colour has faded a bit in the Turkish sun. Weise Maverick Jacke und Hose | eBay Sorry it's mostly in German...
  15. Sold: 1990 Honda XL600V Transalp £450 1 month MOT 6 months tax (Sheffield)

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Right, The tranny is "much loved", well ridden and all the rest. Has served me well over winter but as summer is nearing I am reminded that this bike was meant to be for my other half to go touring on. The MOT runs out on the 3rd of April and it will need work to get through which I just don't...
  16. For Sale: Africa Twin RD04 parts, fairing, lights, fairing subframe, clocks ...

    For Sale / Wanted
    I am selling the following items: Fairing cockpit - £30 SOLD left fairing panel - £20 SOLD right fairing panel - £15 SOLD lights - £50 SOLD fairing subframe - £45 REDUCED Clocks (showing 52k) - £35 (This is both clock untis not one or the other) SOLD fork covers - £10 the pair SOLD screen - £10...
  17. Project Frankenbike! (1998 xr250)

    Long time lurker, haven't posted much at all but...... Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Project Frankenbike! I hurt my arm a couple of months back and the xr was left in the garage as I couldn’t ride, it hasn’t been started since then so 416cc has generously offered some workshop...
  18. For Sale: Africa Twin Givi Luggage rack, topbox, panniers

    For Sale / Wanted
    These were fitted to a 1995 Africa Twin RD07 that I brought recently but will not use the luggage myself. The Givi rack, top box and panniers fit the RD07, they probably fit RD07a and may fit other ATs, ask the experts. The boxes are from the Monokey range and are the type that can be...
  19. For Sale: House clearance items

    For Sale / Wanted
    Storage unit in good condition. About 7' high and 15 1/2" deep. Comes in 4 sections, 2 are 3 1/2ft wide & 2 of 22" wide. Suitable for house or garage Open to offers. Large TV wall bracked, bit faded otherwise good. Pair of speaker wall brackets. Offers Instant Abs excercise...
  20. Scotland - 17 to 25 Jul 2010

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Having had a change in circumstances which meant I got an extra two months in the sunny UK, as well as being unable to sell my bike for (what I determined to be) a reasonable price, I decided to reward myself with a ride from London up through Wales and around Scotland. As I'd never been before...