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    Hi Guyys,,, I have a xl185s.. I need a right hand side panel,,ha sanyone got one, or can tell me what panels will fit it fae the other xl`s,,a think a 125 or 100 will do it but not sure... will the 250s do it...?? anyone got one... needing it bad...cheers.
  2. XL
    HI folks im a newbie on here, just popped in to say hi, I just picked up a xl185 s last night im not even sure what year it is, (anyway of dating) anyway its a project bike and I need a fuel tank for it if anyone has a spare, I have had a few bikes over the years and just sold my 89 cbr600...
  3. Chatter
    £40 for a secondhand cracked helmet ??? Women's Motorbike Helmet | eBay
  4. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Just got a 2005 XR125L a few months back after passing my CBT. Done theory & just in process of booking full test. Great wee bike. Superb fun to chuck about on all the country roads about here.