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  1. Blown bulb

    Dominator / FMX
    My dommie’s tail light failed on the way home last night. The first clue was when a trucker flashed his lights at me after I passed him on the M25. A couple of others flashed but it’s remarkable how many of my fellow motorists didn’t! Also remarkable what a faff it is to get to the bulb. Both...
  2. Headstock Reassembly XRV750 RD04?

    Africa Twin
    Hi Fellow XRV enthusiasts. Most of you are probably on your bike today as glorious weather but hopefully someone around to ask:) Replaced Headstock bearings on my RD04 (AT) and failed to make sufficient notes for reassembly. If anyone has a reassembly diagram then grateful, if not then good...
  3. Wanted: RD07a Front wheel or hub

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone got one lying around...unloved? Mine appears to have gone out of shape and failed the MOT. Tried different discs, reseated everything but appears to be the hub....
  4. XR 400 Indicators Help

    Direction Indicators Anybody fitted some ?? I tried to fit some today and failed Here's how All bolted up and connected to the existing colour coded bullet connectors in the loom Relay already in place and switchgear present & working Fired up the bike, both rear indicators worked when...
  5. RD 04 carb overhaul

    Africa Twin
    Help needed please guys. Decided to try and get my AT running over the festive period. Not a hope. I'd forgotten to drain the fuel when i put it away a couple of years ago. I know, it's a crime to put it away for so long, but i did. Well, it would not start, so i stripped and cleaned the carbs...
  6. New MOT rules exhaust noise???

    Dominator / FMX
    I'm hopeful to get the old Dominator back on the road this month, however a friend advised there are new MOT rules regarding the exhuast noise. His CBR300 recently failed a test with a modified exhaust. Now my Dominator has a single exhaust and its loud, not as loud as some bikes but I'm...
  7. Quick post looking for Reg/Rec Links. The best of the best.

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, So I i'm under strong suspicion that my Reg/Rec is failing/failed. Make long story short I am looking for top of the line high quality Reg/Recs for my RD07. Any suggestions welcome. Aidan.
  8. MOT history check

    Africa Twin
    While checking when things run out on the bikes and cars i noticed you can check the history of the MOT's back as far as 2006 and found in 2008 (before i owned it) my RD07 failed due to the headlight aim too low how petty is that, the place i take mine to would have adjusted that free of charge...
  9. Starter Relay Woes

    Africa Twin
    So a while back one morning she failed to start, ignition dead. I traced this to the starter relay, and it was fairly well melted as is well documented - a bit of a wiggle and she came to life. So I ordered the new relay, which came - and now Ive fitted it I've run into issues and she wont...
  10. Front brake issues

    Africa Twin
    Hi, failed the MOT yesterday :cry: due to uneven braking at the front. I can feel that the braking is uneven (as you apply slight pressure to come to a stop it feels like the disc is warped) but didn't really feel it was an issue. The MOT man did... So...what to do? I removed both discs and...
  11. Rattle XL600vv

    1997 Transalp 90,000+ miles. Hi, I have a rattle from the front cylinder, it had appeared fairly quickly and it comes and goes, increases with revs, seems to go away for a bit when the motor heats up, but reappears badly when restart the engine is left for a short time. It is getting worse. So...
  12. RD07A replacement brake callipers - advice needed

    Africa Twin
    Hi Can anyone tell me if these brakes on eBay will fit on a 07A model. mine are not in great condition and are binding, but was the only reason MOT failed. I read on a post a couple of rears ago that some guy reconditioned them, and did a cracking job but was moving house.......then the thread...
  13. This may have some bearing to your bike.

    Hi there, anyone out there rebuilt the rear swing arm bearings and the pivot bearings on their Transalp. I've got a 1999 version and it's just failed the MOT on the pivot bearings. I thought I might as well change all the bearings at the back and give it some paint. Any one know of a company...
  14. Honda CT/XR 125 CDI no spark ?

    The bike is a Honda 125 farm bike, here sold as a CT125. 1988 not sure if it is original, bitsa. It has CDI.Same engine a the XL 125 The bike was going well, then the lad rode it on the farm and said it was miss-firing. I rode a day later and it conked out. Pushed it back to the shed and found...
  15. Wanted: Africa Twin RD04 Low Fuel Level Sensors (Non-Functioning or Functioning)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Africa Twin RD04 Low Fuel Level Sensors (Non-Functioning or Functioning) Wanted: Two low fuel level sensors to seal a spare tank while in storage. The plugs may be non-functioning or failed sensors. Thanks in advance! David
  16. Ooh er! Hole in exhaust - advice needed

    So I failed an MOT on an exhaust hole I didn't notice had formed. Fast forward to today and a bit of the wire brush and I have a lovely hole and surrounding rust. I guess I can patch it somehow but not sure of best way. Someone mentioned a sleeve but if I can avoid removing the whole system...
  17. Wanted: RD07 1994 ECU/CDI wanted

    XRV Swap Shop
    Looks like a failed reg/rec on my 1994 RD07 has damaged the ECU :( so looking out for a replacement. Anyone know of one available (even just to test to confirm mine has actually failed)? Are there any recommendations for an after-market unit? Thanks.
  18. RD04 headlamp bulb change

    Africa Twin
    Dip beam on the right head lamp has failed. main is ok and both filaments on the left are fine. is a bulb change as simple as pop the screen off, undo four bolts and remove the front fairing, or is it remove the side panel and dislocate your wrist to do it? Mr Haynes is blody useless o this...
  19. Help... Cam sprocket alignment????? (Africa Twin RD07a)

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys I am half way around the world (in Brazil), I had some work done in New Zealand and one of the reconditioned valve tips failed. I have had the cylinder head off and replaced it, now I am putting everything back together. This is my problem, with the fly wheel at TDC and on the RT mark...
  20. Head bearing q

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello all, just had mot done on the dommy and it failed on head bearing. Not a problem but on its last mot 1500miles ago it failed on head bearing ???? Is this normal ? I use it say 10% off road not crazy just dirt tracks etc Anyone else had this ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk