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  1. Vader's Ice Fairies didn't get me

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I posted a ride home report here and I could not insert the picture so here it is
  2. What do I call this one then ???

    Wee Jack has just ordered a Tiger 800. After a 5 hour test ride on the smoooooooth triple I thought I was riding a cement mixer when I got back on the Transalp. God I can't wait. What kind of idiot orders a bike for delivery in early November ?? I hope the ice fairies stay away for a few...
  3. Vaders Ice Fairies got me

    The missus didn't fancy riding into work this morning because of the weather, and as my bike has all the panels off at the moment so I can give whats under them a good clean, I had to use her YBR to give her a lift. Almost get her all the way into work and then we hit some black ice on a left...