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  1. Wanted: 1996 blue/Navy transalp fairings

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, This is a long shot but I figured I would give it a shot. I have a 1996 transalp in the blue/navy colour combo. I have badly damaged my front cowl and offside front side panel. Would anyone happen to have any fairings in this colour combo that they can sell? If not I will have to suck...
  2. Dominator gauge-block differences on diff. generations

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello! A quick question: are there any differences in the back-cover (most importantly in mounting points) of the speedoblock depending on the generation, i.e. are they identical and/or swappable? Happened to break the mounting ears on mine of a 1995 RD08 while carelessly tackling a motocross...
  3. fairing repair - which plastic?

    Bodgers Corner
    My AT's on it's third headlight fairing (or 'nose cowling' as the parts book calls it). The first two developed bad cracks around the holes into which the side fairing panels connect. I've kept the old fairings with an eye to trying to repair them and have now, after many years, got a plastic...
  4. My RD04 fairings is made of fibreglass. Is that normal

    Africa Twin
    Hi I just bought a RD04 1991. It seems like all my fairings are made of fibreglass. Is that original? Best Dan
  5. For Sale: Rd07a bits and bobs

    For Sale / Wanted
    all items below are sent to UK using registered courier at 12 euro cost. Ireland is 10 euro. Headlights, refurbished - 80 euro Cockpit dashboard - 20 euro HONDA OEM CDI - 190 4 x indicators. 1 only parts.. 3 good and working - 20 euro Honda rectifier - 15 euro Oil...
  6. new rd03 owner saying hello

    Africa Twin
    Hey guys, my name is Marcel and I'm from the Netherlands. I recently bought an '88 rd03 and I'm slowly taking it apart/fixing things/putting it back together. I just did a carb revision (with some help from a friend), cleaned the tank with lemon juice... bought some new tyres, new oil, filters...
  7. AT RD04L 750 parts or complete project

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Hope this is ok, trying to keep another on the road or parts for the survivors. I have a completely stripped RD04 'H' reg. The bike was stripped so the frame and most parts could be powder coated. Frame has been powder coated white, no rot and most other frame parts powder coated...
  8. New Owner

    :p Hi all - been browsing the forum for a while as always wanted a Transalp - finally got one today - it's a 1987 D reg - mechanically pretty good, has 10 months MOT and runs very well, a few issues to sort out, small oil leek from the top of the back cyclinder ( hope its rocker cover gasket...
  9. Rally fairing from Greece

    Africa Twin
    Anyone have experience with this crowd and product they sell ? I'm after front rally fairing one piece but to fit stock lights and forks Here is the link Perfect Fairings - RALLY FAIRINGS - Africa Twin RD03 RD04 rally fairing Val 2 bikes , twice is happy ?
  10. For Sale: XRV750 RD04 Parts For Sale

    XRV Swap Shop
    Hi all, have a few fairings, body panels, and bits for sale. In varying colours and conditions. All used. PM me for details. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Dommie stealth tracker build.

    Dominator / FMX
    Almost finished my Dommie Stealth Tracker project. Just the fairings to paint now.. She'll have to go straight up for sale though :/
  12. Electrical Gremlin RD07

    Africa Twin
    So, yesterday I went to start the bike and it acted as if my battery was low, and the bike started hard and slow. After work, I started the bike and same thing. Interestingly as I increased the RPM rather that the lights getting brighter, they got dimmer. I thought, oh great, the bikes not...
  13. Saved: Raped Africa Twin RD03

    Africa Twin
    Hi folks! I managed to get another 1988 RD03 to my collection of bikes. :p Sadly it's a raped old lady. (Sorry for the picture folks, but i can't manage to find out how to turn the picture when uploding.) My plan is to reinstall the front original lights,fairings and other missing parts. /A
  14. Ran on one cylinder then repaired it self..

    Africa Twin
    Heya! Been out the whole weekend with mates on dirtroads. Bunch a fun but when I was 2 minutes away from home (prais the lord) one of my cylinders gave out.. Started running on one.. So I got it back home and thought I would deal with it in the morning. But when I got up the damn thing runs...
  15. Service stalled......

    Got the service kit this morning so set about the bike ready to get it done. Took the right fairing off only to find this.... need to buy a new set as the other side is very badly rusted and barley makes a connection. Then noticed the rubbers mounts for the fairings are all kaput...
  16. Swiss MOT stories

    Africa Twin
    I'm keen to hear from anyone with tales of getting their AT through a Swiss MOT, especially if it's got some non-standard bits. Mine passed second go - failing first time for having a nearly new, with EU road-legal cert, Arrow Paris-Dakar exhaust. I've heard from another Swiss AT'er who returns...
  17. grommets

    Does anyone know where I can get some grommets for fixing the fairings to the frame. Some of mine are perished, and some are missing completely. thanks
  18. My OEM fairing and info on side panels for XL600 LM

    Dear friends Here is my Xl600 Lm with its OEM fairing for dual headlights. On this FB forum ( there is info regarding our difficult to find side panels. BAsically I have offered my brand nes side panels to a company called Perfect Fairings to be...
  19. Drip from fuel tap after engine shut off.

    Hi folks, I've just replaced carb float chamber gaskets and diaphragms on my 1989 TA. Bike now runs great. However just as I was about to fit the fairings back on I noticed fuel dripping from the fuel tap. I checked all screws etc and all were fine. I refitted the 2 hoses from the tap that I...
  20. Anyone used Plastifix?

    Mechanical Advice
    I want to fix a few broken lugs and some small cracks on my fairings. I dont want to spend a fortune on fancy plactic welding kits etc or have them done professionally. I dont see the point as im more than likely to drop her or have a skid as im a new rider, so i know they will get broken again...