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  1. Aprilia SL1000 Falco

    Simple really, any thoughts, opinions, advice, pointers, scare stories, glowing reports etc etc etc? Looking for a new toy and these really seem to fit the bill, seem like a fair bit of bike for the money Cheers!
  2. NX4 Service Manual

    Other Honda
    Hi After a bit of a moment with the bike yesterday and 2 hours with the AA !!!! :( I have decided I now need to get myself a service manual for my 2004 Honda NX4 Falcon Has anyone any idea where I can get one from ?, is it only avaliable as a download ( If so can anyone recommend a good site...
  3. Honda NX400 Falcon

    Other Honda
    This bike is built by Honda in Brazil, but I have one as a Gray Import. I require an indicator lense cover. Where can I get spare parts for this bike?:blob4:
  4. NX400 Falcon

    Other Honda
    Hi First Time on the forum and just after a bit of info really. I have a Honda NX400 Falcon that was imported from Brazil, I've had it just over a year now and am looking to change my insurance ( With e bike at the mo), is there anyone else out there who owns a falcon and if so who did you...
  5. PLanespotting? SteveT???

    Well, not really my cup of tea as I've seen many a warplane, having lived with them for years, whether at RAF Lossiemouth or Kinloss but the latest exercise has drawn a crowd! I've been working in Findhorn the last two days and I've been held up by the warning lights on the road at the end of...
  6. Falcon insurance

    FALCON BIKE INSURANCE Don’t buy from FALCON BIKE INSURANCE without being very very clear about what you are letting yourself in for. Read their T&Cs carefully before you commit. My 18year old son took out a policy with them. Their on line engine said the policy would be £170, and the...
  7. All this talk of tyres...

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    There have been a few threads recently about tyres. I myself am looking to buy a set, possibly before VAT goes back up, if buying from England. Anyway, it is quite hard to seperate useful from useless information. For example having tyre reviews or surveys such as those listed in this...
  8. New NX-4 Falcon Costa Rica

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    I drive a Falcon 400 in Costa Rica and like the bike a lot. I have a heck of a time finding any repair manuals though and i hope someone out there can help me with maybe a digital copy so i can do my own work. Today I changed the oil myself for the first time and found it quite different then my...
  9. honda falcon or nx4

    Other Bikes
    Any one heard of this,,, from what i understand it is a dominator based on a 400cc engine.. I think it would be perfect for the mrs. any one know if they exist in the Uk?
  10. rd04 stolen,reward offered,keep yer eyes peeled

    Africa Twin
    hey folks some one has swiped my at,its r/w/b,reg begins h64 ,stainless pipe ,new f/wheel, a bit scruffy its an rdo4,has a new black extended screen ,new tyres,c/s,and scuff marks on right hand side,any help on getting it back or finding out who did it will be treated with total discretion.Taken...
  11. Gone and got myself a 'proper bike'

    Africa Twin
    Well i've gone and done it :!: Being on this forum for a while now, the bug has finally got to me - i am now a proper member - unless it is going to turn into the GS org :shock: I was looking around for an @ anyway, and one day Redcaps bike was up for sale - price looked good, so nipped...