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  1. Falmouth Beach Resort Hotel

    Any one booking a holiday here this year or already has booked one may think again bit of bad news. Wife was at work today,at an industrial estate in Falmouth around midday the air was stinking in smoke and it filled Falmouth. Apparently on the 3rd floor a fire broke out over 100 fire fighters...
  2. MArtin Jenning memorial ride

    As i mentioned in other posts this memorial takes place on the 2nd Sunday in September every year (unless they rain it off). Martin was a local boy from Beacon near Camborne and was killed in the lates 80's out on the IOM TT. The ride leaves Truro around 10am and finishes at Falmouth about 4...
  3. Lands End?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I am in Falmouth, Cornwall for the next month with my Transalp if anyone wants to meet up for a ride out? I can also offer you a free tour of the ship I work on - see where your tax payers money goes!
  4. true workhorse.

    just spent the weekend travelling back and forth to Falmouth......twice ! ( don`t ask ) and well chuffed with me bike. didn`t miss a part of 900 miles covered and the weather yesterday was foul but still my Beast pushed on regardless. love that bike :thumb:. can`t wait for our...
  5. 2010 Flora Trial

    Competitions / Trials
    LAst Sunday was the annual Flora trial it is open to all cars motorcycles and outfits. We started at the Coppice Inn, Lanner Cornwall and then it covered a loop around the Truro Falmouth area in the morning....and then Camborne, Redruth and Helston in the afternoon....... It was a good days...
  6. thought this was brilliant

    Went for a walk today around the point at Falmouth today and saw this thought it was brilliant, see the sunny weather has brought out all the fair weather riders aswell. YouTube - 20100411133804.m2ts Notice the dakar sticker on the gremlins hat
  7. Martin jennings memorial ride 2009

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well it was that time of the year again, the Second Sunday in September the usual date for this memorial ride. Martin Jennings was a local racer who was killed in the late 80's at the Isle of Man TT so the ride has been annual ever since. Entry was £3 per bike OR £5 with pillion money raised...
  8. Cornish Bed?

    I have to take Sprog No. 1 down to Falmouth this Thursday so that she can have a look at the Exeter Uni off-site Campus at Penryn. It looks a nice bit of the world and I hope to spend a bit of time in Falmouth while Steff tours the skool! B&B is a tad expensive from a google, especially if i...
  9. Hi, From sunny Cornwall ;0)

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi All , I hail from Falmouth in sunny cornwall , I currently run a zzr1100 for on road work, and green lane most weekends on a wr 250 f, i have previously owned and ridden all manor of on road stuff and a variety of overland stuff including, dr' xt, ktm 300 exc wr400, ccm644, my reason...
  10. Goodwood Revival

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    As I missed the national last weekend, due to a last minute call to photograph the tallships in Falmouth, I wondered if anyone was going to goodwood revival at the weekend?
  11. Martin jennings memorial run 2008

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Today was the Martin Jennings Memorial Ride around Cornwall. Martin was killed in the 1988 manx TT. Now on the second sunday in September every year a ride for charity takes place in memorial of him. The entry was £3 per person or £5 for pillion and rider. At the start they raised £4500 for...
  12. GPS updating

    Mechanical Advice
    Ok you techies out there, I have a 2610 gps with v7 or 8 on it and I have noticed that recently it is very not up to date as I have been travelling down some dual carriageways and the sat nav goes crazy telling me to turn round etc as I appear to be travelling cross country in a field etc,it...
  13. Givi E50 Topbox

    Last Friday, whilst on holiday in Cornwall, I came across a boot sale just outside Falmouth. I had a look around & bought a Givi E50 in very good condition, for £10. My question you think I was done :D :D :D :D What a great way to finish off a holiday :).