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  1. So is this enough or to much

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi All, Complete new Dominator owner here so bear with me. So I thought I'd check the oil today but ended up a little confused. The dipstick has a thermometer on it as you can see from the attached pics. But it doesn't have any markings on the stick to say high or low oil level. So any...
  2. genuine honda nx650 clutch cable

    Dominator / FMX
    Bought a pattern clutch cable(false economy I know) It is a little shorter than my original cable. I have tried to source a genuine cable but to no avail where if possible can I get one?
  3. Transalp 600 jumping out of 2nd gear - advice needed

    I have a 1990 600cc Transalp with 50,000 miles on the clock. It has started jumping out of 2nd gear, not all the time, about 1 in 20 times, when pulling away, after changing into 2nd, it will jump out into a "false" neutral. The engine oil has been changed and the chain tension is fine. Does...
  4. Mid week ride onto Mid Wales

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Looks like I will be able to sneak off for a ride this Tues/Wed and I fancy a mixed road/trail ride, heading from Telford out towards Bala on and off road. I'd be delighted to have company, many lanes are new to me in the sense that it is donkeys years since I ride them so may be a quite a few...
  5. engine is "drowning" on full throttle

    I have a new problem now :/ When I twist the throttle quickly, fully (on low rev) the engine is "drowning" (or struggling, dont know how to describe, basicly loses power) instead of rev up immediately as it used too. If I twist the throttle slower everything is fine, no power loss. Is this the...
  6. gearbox problem

    Dominator / FMX
    hi has anybody had a false netraul appear while riding? its happened a few times now
  7. Nice Elefant 900 lucky explorer available

    I understand this is primarily a Honda site, but for anyone in Europe looking for a nice low mileage Cagiva Elefant 900 in the sought after Lucky Explorer colours have a look here...
  8. Motorcyles and nude women (an alternative take)

    Cool art work. 18 hours of posing and being painted is dedication. Body Artist Trina Merry Makes Motorcycles Out Of Nude Models here's a taste
  9. side stand

    How to.....
    Hi all, I feel silly asking this but I cannot get my side stand off the bike, I have sprayed it with plus gas and the bolt does not want to move. Any ideas? the top nut came off so easy as well led to a false sense of getting the job done. I want to weld a foot on to it as it has a spike for a...
  10. Telescope... Ian...

    Ian, didn't want to clog Austins galloway thread up with talk about our nonsense :) This is his little project he's knocking up. In the shed to the left he has a laptop computer and some home comforts, a kettle etc and he's put a false ceiling in and heater etc and is going is running the...
  11. Get your wallet out!

    4-sale Original Cagiva 950 Rally from CH-Racing. 15.300 EUR at: Cagiva Elefant Rally als Enduro/Reiseenduro in Ansbach
  12. False neutral

    Every now and then my bike will false neutral between fourth and fifth (but not enough to worry me). What's the best course of action to avoid really horrid grindy noises from the gearbox if it does? I normally grab the clutch soon as I realise it's false neutralled, rev to about 5k (or wait for...
  13. false economy

    Africa Twin
    Took everyones advice about replacing the tyre, used tweezers to remove valve as I dont have a tool and no idea where to get one. Old tyre off after about 30 mins. Then new one on in another 20 mins.........damn the inner tube is not in...tyre half off...10 mins, skin removed from hands trying...
  14. False neutral?

    Mechanical Advice
    For some reason my 93 600 TA has a false neutral between 2nd & 3rd? Is that normal for an older bike like mine bearing in mind it only really gets used in 1st,2nd,3rd for commuting around town.
  15. Am I lulled into a false sense...........?

    Bought my '98 XR400 coupla weekends ago and was concerned about the kick starting aspect of it. Especially when struggled for 15 min in front of the guy teaching me how to start it and selling it to me!!!:rolleyes: Since his instructing and having a few practice goes, it's started up on 2nd or...
  16. Tappets. True or False

    Africa Twin
    Whilst talking to a service centre about servicing my AT, I mentioned I may not check the Valve Clearances as the bikes only done 8000miles and doesn't sound like it needs any adjustment (I've a good ear for these things). He then told me that the tappet clearance can tighten which of course is...