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  1. Shock Absorber

    I bought one of the last Varas in 2014, made in 2011 I believe. I’ve done three long European rides (3K to 4K miles) and it’s been brilliant. It’s now done nearly 41K miles and in preparation for another long ride around Europe I’m thinking I should change the rear shock. Just looking at Haynes...
  2. RD07 Blue seat?

    Africa Twin
    Did any of the RD07's have a blue seat? Mine's a 2001 year and fancy a change but don't really want to sway from the original bike?
  3. Wanted: Africa twin with a blown engine or output shaft worn

    For Sale / Wanted
    Fancy a project and I know its a long shot but has anyone got an unfinished project or as per title blown engine or worn output shaft and have had enough and what to get rid? I have a few spares and lots of time
  4. Valve Clearances and Cam Chain Tensioners

    After having a 2002 carb'd Vara, I bought one of the last Varaderos in 2014 (manufactured 2011) and now it has done 27,400 mainly on long trips around Europe. I was just wondering how long the CCTs are good for? I don't hear any nasty rattles or anything so I'm just wondering whether it's a good...
  5. Seating options...

    Africa Twin
    Poxy seat on the rd07 is the most uncomfortable thing I've ever had the displeasure of sitting on, soooo what are my options? Wait for one to come up secondhand? Spend a fortune on Corbin or top sellerie? Has anyone used the polish lad on eBay that charges 90 quid? I've already got an...
  6. Need a new project

    I just spent an afternoon helping jnr polish his bike up after it passed its MOT. All he needs now is new tyres and a pair of Dunstall replica silencers which are on order...;););) His Yamaha DT 125 is also sorted so looks like i can turn my attention to finding my next project....:D:D:D...
  7. New Rear Shock Suggestions?

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy a new shock for my RD07 (My one is knackered). Nothing fancy or racey, just looking for something durable and reliable. I know nothing about them and know you guys know best. All suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance, Aidan.
  8. Short trip breakdown cover

    Hi Guys, I will be heading to Wales at the end of the week and while I don't expect any issues I will be happier if I had breakdown cover. I actually have a new insurance policy starting on the 14th February with adequate cover but nothing before then. Is it possible to get short term cover...
  9. Tubed tyres and punctures - Is there a good product that works?

    Africa Twin
    My last bike (600 Alp) and my new AT both have tubed tyres, and it was always in the back of my mind "What happens if I get a puncture?" I've literally no idea how to change the inner tubes, even though I must have watched a dozen You Tube Videos on 'how-to'. Plus, I really dont fancy the...
  10. Big Trailie - October Meet

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Over at Big Trailie we have an October meet-up. So if you fancy a weekend with some good friends then pop over and register. October Meet | Big Trailie
  11. North Wales trails

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I am trying to find some green lanes in north Wales Does anyone have a .GPX or fancy a rideout and show me around? I will be coming over from Sheffield :thumbup:
  12. For Sale: 1990 RD04 - Ulaanbaator (UK registered)

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Fancy a ride Mongolia to UK? UK registered 1990 RD04 92,000 km in great condition. I have just finished London to Ulaanbaator and have decided to sell the bike here in UB rather than ship. The bike didn't miss a beat, except for a regulator in Poland. It comes with a very long list of spares...
  13. Camping weekend North Wales 20-22nd of May

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi guys Anyone fancy a weekend camping in wales in May? Arrive Friday,put up tent,BBQ?,drink. Saturday a little bimble through Wales than eat and drink again. Sunday home. Everyone welcome More details here bigtrailie • View topic - Mini Meet north Wales May 20-22nd See you there?:cool:
  14. Wanted: Anyone got a clean Laser Produro and link pipe for an RD04 A/T?

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I'm brand new to the forum but I'm trying to rekindle my youth. I'm the proud owner of a lovely standard 1991 RD04 A/T imported from Germany last year (identical to my first ever bike). It's totally bog stock (albeit plastered with Dakar replica stickers) but I'm hankering for a nice...
  15. Anyone got a clean Laser produro RD04 for sale?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I'm brand new to the forum but I'm trying to rekindle my youth. I'm the proud owner of a lovely standard 1991 RD04 A/T imported from Germany last year (identical to my first ever bike). It's totally bog stock (albeit plastered with Dakar replica stickers) but I'm hankering for a nice...
  16. Rallying in 2016

    Competitions / Trials
    Just wondering if anybody else was planning on doing any rally raid type events this year? I'm currently signed up on the AT for the Tour of Portugal in March, planning on doing as much of the ATRC and rally moto cup as possible in the UK, and funds dependent, fancy Rally Albania and possibly...
  17. Cafe racer project

    My son has offered to buy me out of the DT125 YPVS we went halves on last autumn. When I asked him why he said because he wants me to step back and let him do it up and get it legal without any input from me.:sad11::sad11::sad11: He is selling his moped at the weekend and he says I can have my...
  18. Its alive

    Dominator / FMX
    I got my Honda coil today and when I fitted it I got a spark. I just need my new needle from my mate in America then I can dial the flatside in and start this bike up. Just in case you forgot what it looks like :D:D:D Three years and alot of dole money in the making.:clown::clown::clown: I...
  19. Which Sat Nav?

    My other half bought me a camera for xmas but to be honest i didn't really need one so she returned it for a refund and i quite fancy a bike Sat Nav instead.I've been looking at the TomTom Rider V5,TomTom Rider 400 and the Garmin Zumo 660,has anyone got any of these or what others would you guys...
  20. For Sale: xr250 1998 supermoto/dirtbike

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi folks, long time no post! It's time for the xr to go, I don't ride it anymore and fancy getting something newer and different. Here is a link to my ebay advert 1998 HONDA XR250 Supermoto + spares | eBay Based in NW Kent near Dartford, looking for £1600 O.N.O. Please contact me on here or...