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  1. Wanted: Late 600 Transalp

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I'm fancying a 600 transalp for my first bike, anyone know of any good ones for sale? I've checked all the usual places like ebay, mcn and bike trader so thought i'd try the forums, so w.h.y?
  2. Can someone have a look at this chain link, need opinions?

    I think I might have gone too far with my chain splicer. It's the first time I have spliced a chain, usually opting for the split link option. I have the split link available off the old chain but not really fancying putting an old link on a new O-ring chain. Do you think it'd hold?
  3. Insurance Cat Resale Value

    Africa Twin
    I had an off last winter on my mint AT and rather than let the local car body shop start messing around with it, as seemed the only option, kept the bike took the insurance money and did it back up to lovely myself. All A1 again and MOT and done 5k since. But what's the consensus on values when...
  4. I am fancying a new leather jacket

    After seeing Whealie's pics of his trashed bike trousers and talking to another biker in Scotland on my way to JoG who showed me trashed his newly new Rukka megabuck jacket following a slow speed off I am wanting to get a nice leather jacket. It seems that while cordura/nylon jackets are very...
  5. Why am I finding myself fancying a Buell Ulysses ??

    Other Bikes
    Why ?? I`ve got two BMW R1100GS And a rather trick modded BMW R80G/S And a Moto Guzzi NTX 650 trailie And a homebrewed CB400F Frankendirtbike (Plus my two Ural combos) So why am I finding myself fancying buying a Buell Ulysses ??? Lots of parts on the Buell look very fragile. The...