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  1. Other Honda
    Here ya go Ray, after our little chat at the big trailie national recently look what I've just seen on ebay. I know the seller as well, nice bloke, real old school biker :) HONDA XLV750 Shaft Drive Dual sport adventure bike - XLV 750 with LOTS of spares | eBay cheers, Bob.
  2. Helmets
    Hi Chris, Stumbled accross this and thought of you.... personally i think the red bit spoils it, but that is just me! Icon Variant Big Game Zebra (Special Edition) - Ultimate Bike Gear Ltd#
  3. Chatter
    Hi Iain, it seems that I can't PM anymore, send me your address and I'll post you the map(s), you can copy them and post them back. cheers, Bob. bobtheleg at a o l .com (no spaces)
  4. Africa Twin
    How well do you find your bike starts now? I ask as before I stripped mine down, it started pretty well, with the choke disconnected. Now, I start it, it takes a good few failed cranking attempts before one cylinder coughs. Then keep trying, that one cylinder will always cough once, and...
  5. Chatter
    YouTube - honda transalp Varna no wobble there............but what a prat.....main road too:confused::confused:
  6. Mechanical Advice
    Quote: Originally Posted by Lutin You won't have to wire in a relay for the Stebel Magnum, just replace the original horn with the new one - just two wires. That's all I did with mine and have had no problems. hi lutin......just got one delivered today...... bit baffled as to where the...
  7. Chatter
    Our T shirts are done for the HUMM in July:blob7: Not long now so I thought I would show them off
  8. Dominator / FMX
    Hi Dave, I'm a new owner of a Honda SLR and new to this forum. I read the " Long Term Review of the Honda SLR 650 ", so I'm starting this thread to contact you (I cannot send P.M.). I'll appreciate any info on the SLR :) Alex Please contact me - at
  9. Chatter
    After the great weekend I had and my fondness for riding the XR. Also realising my need for far more practise. My wife has decided..................................................................................................... She wants me to do Weston next...
  10. Africa Twin
    Stiggy old bean, got my folder here, can't find the original post, what were the mileages you reckon you'll go from and to again?
  11. Africa Twin
    Hi there, You posted some information a couple of weeks ago in response to my Givi rack request: You mentioned that you have a 92 xrv750L - having spoken to my dealer, he says that Givi don't supply them for an RD04 - can you confirm that your bike is an RD04, or is it an 07? Cheers.
  12. Africa Twin
    Did I see you on the Embankment just past the Blackfriars tunnel this morning?
1-12 of 19 Results