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  1. Africa Twin
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  2. Dominator / FMX
    Hi chaps and chapesses, just bought a 96 Dominator and I'd like a few tips... The exhaust is blowing; who does a reasonably priced stainless replacement? Oil? I'm told that the Dominator big single engine is tough on the slippy stuff. Is Halford's semi-synthetic sufficiently posh? Stands- I...
  3. The Longest Day
    What is the longest day? The Longest Day Charity Fund Raising Rally held on the nearest weekend to the Summer Solstice, organised by TeamXRV, Link to the TLD website starting on Saturday 20th June in Edinburgh ending on The Longest Day June 21st i London Whos it for? 2008 funds were raised for...
  4. Transalp
    Been a bit on here lately about DIY maintenance, high prices/poor workmanship from dealers. Set me a-thinking. Before buying a TA, I hummed and haahed about a BMW F650GS. Spent a fair bit of time looking at which is the Technical FAQ section of The Chain Gang, the...