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  1. Handling and brakes

    Just thought I would get some views on TA handling/brakes. As I have just been on a fairly long 170 mile getting to know the bike ride a couple of things came to light. As I am really a novice again after 15 years away from a trials orientated bike , I had a couple of moments that concerned me...
  2. What I miss...? (V1.2)

    OK who won the XRV Homo-sapien of the year award? Was it me..? What I win…? (The original question, has be worded "Homo-sapien" intentionally in said fashion in attempt not be at genetically discriminating in any way, nor gender biased with niceness deprived overtones, and should...
  3. sad, but no helmet?

    £4m payout for ex-Loaded fashion editor
  4. National Meet... (Better late than never!)

    Past National Meets
    National Meet - Ride Report... (Better late than never!) He Came, He Saw, He Dropped his Bike (A Lot!) So it’s time to meet the gang, time to meet the hardcore rufty tufty cyber guys and girls who give it large on the forum. The people, who for the last year have only been imaginary...
  5. UK to S of France - leaving July 4/5

    There were going to be two of us, sadly my mate no longer has a bike but I'm going anyway :) So if anyone wants a bit of company for some or all the way, I'm planning to leave Calais morning of the 5th July (ferry over on evening of 4th) and wander down to the South in a leisurely fashion...
  6. KLE500 Exhaust heat shield

    Other Bikes
    A mate of mine has bought a Kwak KLE 500 to come along to the Stella in the summer. He's doing it all on a budget, and has a pair of "hand me down" throw-over soft panniers for the trip. We need to fashion some kind of heat shield to keep them away from the exhaust...anyone done this (on any...
  7. Nonfango fittings

    Africa Twin
    I have just purchased a pair of Nonfango panniers and a top box from Dobles motorcycles of Surrey via e.bay. I`m very pleased with them, so much so that I have just had the pannier lids colour coded to the bike. Today I began the process of purchasing the necessary bracketry to fit them to my...
  8. Best Winter Gloves?

    Hi folks? Best Winter Gloves... (Waterproof and Warm)... My Held Attacks are begining to get cold and wet! So... What you all using? Thanx
  9. Just got taken out by a Laverda Jota

    1 hour ago i was cruising into Farnham and i got well and truly blasted by a pristine 1978 Laverda Jota what a noise. Brought back all the momories of being a boy and cycling over to Bob Gollners in Denmead every Saturday the Kawasaki dealers to see the bikes. The King at that time was the Z1...
  10. tour x or not tour x that is the question ?

    Hi, Decided to retire my old skid lid and invest in a new one. Been looking at Arai tour x on ebay etc. I only off road around 10% of my ride time and wondering how you guys rate the tour x. How is it on a long journey, how is it in side winds and is it really meant for touring tarmac or is it...
  11. Honda Africa Twin versus Honda SP1

    Sounds a bit stupid comparing the good old Africa with a hardcore sportsbike, but lets face it we all live and ride in the real world, and not on a race track. I bought the SP1 a few weeks ago the original owner a good mate of mine paid £9500 for it brand new and then spent a further £2800 on...
  12. Neutral switch

    Dominator / FMX
    Lurking in the crud behind the sprocket cover is, as far as I can determine from my blurry maintenance manual, the unobtrusive neutral switch. After cleaning all the gravel and gunge I'm left with a brassy looking stub and a teeny weeny wire with a round cable terminal on the end. There's also a...
  13. Fitting a 12v Relay & Ciggie Socket

    Africa Twin
    Disclaimer first: I am not a qualified electrician and make no claim to be one. The only thing I’m sure of when it comes to electrics is don’t lick light switches. This write-up is based on what I did to my bike and is not intended as a definitive guide to all things electrical. That said...
  14. Crabs...

    Africa Twin
    ...move in a similar sideways fashion to my bike at the moment! Not sure what's going on, but my @ seems to "crab sideways" every now and again for the last few days, and its very disconcerting! I figured it might be the rear bearing, but giving it a good tug (so to speak) while its up on the...
  15. Packing List

    Thought I'd sort myself out a packing list, am always forgetting something important. Can anybody add to this, their fave tool, never to be without thingy. In true Welsh fashion I'll be taking along a small sheep. Stove (Trania) Fuel Matches Lighter Mug T Spoon Knife, Fork, Spoon Sharp knife...
  16. Oh no - another new boy in the AT fraternity

    Africa Twin
    I have taken on an AT (Model P, 1993, 22k miles) from a cousin on semi permanent loan as he is in Germany for the forseeable future. So far so good but it is in a bit of a poor state. I have just sorted out the front brakes but when measuring the wheels for straightness in the time honoured...