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  1. Let's see your CRF1000 Africa Twin !

    Africa Twin
    This is a thread just gagging to get off the ground innit ? Looks like Bob will be first up if he makes it home safely in this weather from Crawley today ! :D ( Only post please if you've actually left the dealers with your new bike and a fat grin ! :) ) (Most of the Original AT's still on...
  2. Tyre changer shaft, what is it!?,!??.

    Okay, I hope one of you knows what it is, as I've searched already! Just bought a tyre changer. You know the ones, around £40 one ring above the other with a bead breaker. What in heavens name is the short fat shaft for? The one which only fits in a hole in the handle and with a large cotter...
  3. Wanted: Wanted: Honda dommie fat foot pegs & other bits

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hello All I am after some fat foot pegs for my 1992 dommie/ nx650 anyone know where the best place to look? Please do not say the Internet ? Also if any of you have any 2nd hand farkles for sale let me know I am after tall screen, 2-1 exhaust, better rear shock, stiffer front springs Cheers...
  4. Does my ass look fat in this

    Dominator / FMX
    I was wondering if this would make my ass look fat as I have just bought it for my project.:thumbup: I hope it dont get nicked like the last one from my doorstep.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  5. For Sale: motrax Ali fat bars

    For Sale / Wanted
    as per the title £15 posted
  6. TKC80 sizes

    Just to double check Gentlemen, I am due to change my tyres and shall be going for TKC80s. I usually run 130/80 on the back wheel for the tourance tyres. can I do this for the TKC80s as well. I know the official specs for the 650 dictate the 120/90 size, but I have always preferred the...
  7. Tranalp 700 rear suspension unit

    I may have a problem with my rear suspension unit, so out of interest where is the best place for a replacement. A can you give me some idea of the price I may have to pay. Cheers Fat mal
  8. Every time I see a new post on this thread

    It makes me chuckle let me see your fat bloke indeed :)
  9. Advise on Barkbusters for Standard AT Bars

    Africa Twin
    I'm looking at getting the Cycra Pro Bend barkbusters as well as some bits from RR in the near future. Looking at my bars, it's pretty tight. I know most of the builds I've seen on here have been with aftermarket fat/wide bars. Can anyone comment on the fit of the Cycras and/or the RR mirror...
  10. spindle

    can anybody confirm spindle dimensions for ta 650. spindle 17mm with fat end dia 22mm and 230mm long. if this is correct its the same size as xr 600 92 onwards,xr 400 and xr650r. anbody got one for sale?
  11. Blown fuse

    Hi folks. I have a problem with my 08 700TA. The fuse marked STOP/HORN keeps blowing, causing the stop light, horn and indicators not to work. I dont know what the indicators have got to do with it as they are on another fuse and that fuse is ok. and when you change the horn fuse it all works...
  12. Textile trousers to fit tall, fat b*stard :-)

    Got a pair of Weise trousers, but they don't stay done up and the knee armour slides all over the joint...any ideas for alternatives? I'd like some that aren't black, but I suspect I'm urinating in the wind with that wish...
  13. big fat 'done it'

    Dominator / FMX
    the exhaust studs i snapped about 2 weeks ago have been drilled out,helicoiled and new studs put in.i have to say it took me days to drill out all the bits of stud and i can honestly say that it was one of the hardest jobs ive ever done on a bike.'WHAT A PAIN IN THE ****'.all done now so i can...
  14. POLICE !

    Dragged of there fat arses and forced to something in north London. Well,it's a bit quiet on XRV these days so heres a little story to bring the smiles back ? :) Biker 'thrilled' after stolen motorcycle recovered in Edmonton shipping container (From This Is Local London)
  15. Had to call the police to the cab tonight.

    There was two women fighting outside the cab.....over ME! I told the copper and he said "So...what's the problem?" I said...."The fat one's WINNING!" Sorry.......:toothy5:......... Well.....It wouldn't have worked in the jokes section...:confused:
  16. Chad,J this is what i need

    I need that for my GSA :blob2: A big fat snorkel:angel4: motorcycle in the water - YouTube
  17. Crosstourer pics

    What a difference a few bits of plastic can make... The former being last years pics, and a bit of a fat sow. The latter being the latest pics, a lot sharper, and actually not looking all that bad. I still think it's daft to stick a V4 in an allroad, but oh well that's Honda for you. It'll...
  18. Replacement chain link - size?

    I've just replaced my sprockets and chain and the chain was too long (a Honda DID 525 V8) Ordered a replacement link from Wemoto (525 VX stamped on it). Removed extra link from chain this lunchtime and b**ger me if the replacement link didn't fit the chain - the pins were fatter. Anyone...
  19. Brown fat?

    I have just been reading on of the Sunday paper supplements that periods of time sitting in cool temperatures stimulates the production of brown fat in your body. This brown fat is then burnt in preference to the normal yellow fat just to maintain body temperature. That's it then, the heated...
  20. im a fat git

    the little womans away in tenerife, so dinner tonight was mums leftover sunday roast, 3lb of pork and two roast potatoes. im so stuffed i cant sleep.