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  1. What's your fave filter / carb / exhaust set up?

    Dominator / FMX
    It'd be interesting to hear different folk's views . . . Are you happy with the stock configuration or are you searching for the perfect setup? Have you done Dave's carb mods? K&N vs Honda air filter? Anyone installed a dynojet kit? Airbox mods? After market pipe? pumper carb? cheers Philippo
  2. A wiltshire bimble

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Went for a spin today taking in a few of Wiltshires easy Byways. Ideal big trailie country as its been dry for a while: One horse at Devizes Towards Cherhill Another horse! This time near Milk Hill Pewsey way Into my fave bluebell wood Westwood near Marlborough Along the Ridgeway only...
  3. Auvergne 2012 chasing the usual suspects

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    we went to the Auvergne last year but due to various circumstances we missed out on most of what we’d planned to do, so we went back this year. I actually have very few pics to go with this, which is a shame cos the scenery is stunning & the roads wonderful, but this lot are not into photos &...
  4. Tapatalk

    Curse or Godsend?? I reckon it falls quite squarely in both camps :D Far too easy to get sucked in, lying in bed checking what has become too many forums is one fave! So useful having updates on the move, at least I think it's useful.
  5. verdict- AFRICA TWIN .... better : ) bike mag review

    Africa Twin
    just been in the supermarket, flipping through the bike mags, happened upon one (forgot which of the regular ones it was!) which was doing an Adventure bike front page special- comparing triumph? bmw & others inc the AT, guess which was his fave? ;)
  6. Holland/Germany - suggestions???

    Hi all, V & I are heading to Holland for the ITT then looking at visiting Germany. We'd normally spend a bit of time planning where we'd like to go but unfortunately things have been a little hectic & we haven't had the time to do this. What are your fave places - think; beautiful areas, 'chill...
  7. How much £££ are Anakee 2's???

    Mechanical Advice
    I'm gonna get some Anakee2's seen as they seem to be's fave tyre (don't change my mind please, it's taken me long enough to decide ;)) What's the going rate for these hoops? I'd rather get them from a dealer and wondered what you folk had paid for yours. Mine are 100/90-19 and...
  8. today I will mostly be...

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    RIDING! I had to go into town first to drop off our tax forms (duly filled in I hasten to add) so took a pic of that architectural celebration of govt. service My aim for the rest of the day was to get out into the morvan, possibly stopping for a coffee with a guy from another forum who...
  9. 'Dero vs Tigger

    I think i'm right when i say a few of our bretheren have owned both machines, so rather than which is fave what are the positives and negatives of each? i ask as i will, once tizer is fixed be looking to move on to a new bike! exactly what, i have no idea but Tiggers seem to look ok for the...
  10. Biscuits are brilliant!

    bite the rounded ends of a finger of a twix then suck your tea/coffe through it - then eat it! sooooooo good!:blob5: what are your fave biscuits and why/how do you eat them! Z:D (not about bikes and i don't care:razz:)
  11. Big thumpers in Shrop's/Mid Wales (Rob and Mike) 29/06/08.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well, what a great weekend although it didnt start out to bloody cracky. Went over to see parents (mothers birthday, take Bryn (son) over to see them etc) so i thought i may aswell take my XR650R. Missus left early to get over there for little ones dinner and i messed about getting trailer...
  12. The saddle club

    Mini XRVs
    my fave channal is pop girl cos it has the saddle club. the saddle club is about 3 friends called Stevie,Carol and Lisa who horse ride at Pine Hollow stables and their horses this is the order of names Belle,Starlight and Prancer my fav horse is belle stevie's horse. Belle is a black arabean...
  13. Ok, a few to get us started ;-)

    Bodgers Corner
    Woooo, my own special corner on the site :rolleyes: Here's my 'sh*t kit', left in place for the winter, keeps salt & crap from all the inaccessible places around the engine - fine for ambient temps up to 15 to 18 deg C. Ok, here's a home made sump protector, made from stiff alloy sheet...
  14. Youtube Pic Montage Thingy.

    Just been messin about (bored) and found that you can actually make a montage of pic's with your fave tunes and kind of make them into a vid kind of thing. Smart really. I just chose some from the Cambrian but you could do all sorts and im bloody useless with computers. Oh, whats with the...
  15. HSM

    Mini XRVs
    Hi girls if any of you love hsm pm me & say: your most fave & leest fave character I'M TO KOOL FOR SKOOL:evil1::evil1::evil1::evil2::evil2::evil2:
  16. pics with a phone camera

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    having got a new mobile, with a camera on it, I thought it was about time I took some pics with it & found out how to a) use it b) transfer the pics to the PC & c) find out if it is any good or not. Looking at the pics, the answer to c is obvious.. NOPE! as a camera its a POS. judge for...
  17. FANTASTIC - Avon Gripsters still available

    I have been getting quotes for new tyres, my fave tyre of choice, without doubt is the Gripster. When I phoned the local MOT bloke, I asked for a quote on Gripsters. He phoned me back & said they have been discontinued a while back, superseded by Distanzia's :confused: I was gutted & phoned...
  18. New owner says hello..and more

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi everyone, I'm having a 91 dominator delivered on Saturday, which is in perfect condition. I've read most of the posts already and have 2 questions (impertinant newbie)...What size fork gaiters do I need? I read the former answer on the forum to look at Busters or mandp but I dont know the...
  19. if its not a plug "n" play thing..........

    finally a sensible thread from me :shock: if its not a plug "n" play thing i can sort it, motor rebuilds, tranny rebuilds, wrecked bikes you name it and if its got 2 wheels i,ll probly be able to do it and do it right first time but thats about it! i woz born at the wrong time really (10...
  20. I snuck out...

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    for a quick spin whilst wife & daughter were asleep....shuuuuut! :lol: one of my fave rides when I'm short of time but need to air my neurone weather was superbe for a 14th January, 10 ish degrees & blue skies, roads almost dry but damp in the shaded corners. the area I'm riding in is...