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  1. Attention all UK Transalp 700 owners..

    Can one of you do me a favour? Can you look on your V5 and give me the figures that appear here: Thanks
  2. Looking for a favour

    Just wondering if anyone who lives in the Stratford upon Avon area is attending the Birmingham NEC on the 22/11/14. I've bought a set of wheels off eBay and was wondering if anyone would be good enough to pick up my wheels and meet me at the show for an exchange? A big ask but it would be much...
  3. Honda Logo on AT seat size please

    Africa Twin
    The seat on my RD07a must have been recovered at some point, the cover is a good one but it doesn't have the white Honda logo painted on. Being a fussy so and so I will need to rectify this with a template and appropriate white paint. I presume it is the standard Honda font , can someone do me...
  4. Calling Kjell

    Could you do us a favour and have a look around if the Primus Borealis rally still exists? Only stuff i can find is rather old or i cant read it Cheers Pete
  5. I need a wee favour please

    Would any of you kind gents/ ladies like to do me a favour please. I have posted for sale a set of Touratech pannier racks in the for sale section. Could someone please post a link to the Triumph Tiger forum, my luddite browser won't let me join it !!!!! Many thanks
  6. U.S help required

    I'm hoping one of our American cousins will be able to help with a small favour?? I want to buy an item on, which is about the size of a cigarette lighter, but which eBay is quoting $54 to ship, and after contacting the seller, he is telling me he'll do it for $24!! The item is...
  7. Kjell a favour please

    I had a look around but I can't find any info on the primus rally. Does it still exist? Would you maybe have a link for it? I only can find older reports
  8. Where do you hide .............

    Where do you hide your Viagra? I favour that chassis tube which goes from one side to the other on the AT, just below the tank. I keep my spare bulbs in there too, closed with a bung. :color:
  9. Oih Chad

    Do us a favour and post up that clip ;)
  10. Bit of a favour to ask

    Africa Twin
    Could I ask one or two @ owners to do me a little favour? I'm in the middle of a project that will hopefully resolve, once and for all, the question of which @s are restricted and if so, then how they are restricted. Details will be put up on the Africa Twin Technical Specs thread. So, what I'm...
  11. Nat meet Rosedale Favour to ask...........

    Past National Meets
    I cocked up my leave :rolleyes: i should have booked Thursday & Friday, but only booked Friday :angry7: and don,t have any leave left. As Vader is going up on Thursday i will have to follow Friday morning in the car, our daughter Jamie-Lee would like to come along. So my favour to ask is would...
  12. Hi guys - can someone with an SLR do me a favour please?

    Dominator / FMX
    Would you be able to measure the distance between the mounting bolts/top yoke bolts for the chrome crash bar that the speedo unit sits on and if poss a photo? Have an idea for my AT - cheers.:D
  13. I need a quick favour please - photo needed.

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys - I have nearly completed my engine exchange. Just bodywork to go back on it all works/runs and there is nothing left over, except ... For a cable stay. It is one of the ones from the front of the frame/engine area, about 3" long with a loop to hold the cable and then a plate that bolts...
  14. Big Favour...

    I was after buying these on the ukgser forum Sidi Vertigo Mega Gore-Tex Boot - ::. .:: but the guy does not have paypal and i dont use cheques to buy things (for obvious reasons) so was wondering if there was anyone near the Southampton area who could go and buy them then post them...
  15. Favour Please - Dimension of Fork Protector Stickers?

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi All, I am about to get some fork protector decals printed but I need to know the dimensions. Can any measure the dimensions I need please? The decals are like these: and I need to know the height and width of the decal in millimeters. They are going on a KTM 525 EXC but I think that...
  16. Could somebody do me a favour?

    Africa Twin
    Hi I want to buy two side panels of ebay, but one of the sellers is charging £45 to ship to Norway, which is....not cheap. (I´m having a petrol tank sendt from David Silvers, for £36, so i guess somewhere round a tenner should do it......) Anyway; could somebody be so kind and buy this two...
  17. Favour wanted; Honda center stand measurements!

    Hi, For some reason the rear of my bike is some 30mm lower than Paul - 24lb's bike, with the suspension fully extended :? We only noticed this when the bikes were parked side by side in his garage..... Could someone with a 650 and Honda centre stand fitted take a few measurements? With bike...
  18. Easter Favour

    Africa Twin
  19. Easter Favour

    I'm off from Thursday to Wednesday of next week. Would any of our resident experts be able to show/help me with valve clearances in that time? I can bring tools etc.