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  1. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Heading home from Spain a couple of days ago I rode a stupid 750 miles in one day of a two day journey of 1235 miles. Here's my favourite picture of the trip. Canfranc N330a Pyrennes. You could hear a pin drop.
  2. Transalp
    All set for our trip to France, strikes allowing. Nick and the good lady Bill.
  3. Dominator / FMX
    I just bought myself an 8GB MP3 player and just spent the afternoon filling it up with my favourite tunes.:D:D:D If you had to choose your top 10 albums ,what would they be and why?:thumbup: If I see enough good suggestions ,I may have to get another memory card.:clown:
  4. Chatter
    Howdy all, This is the third time I have asked this question in time I have been a member.. What is your favourite comedy or drama or bike related movie that is worth a gander on tv.. I have checked out previous suggestions and enjoyed them:thumbup:
  5. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Tried a new road a couple of days ago. One of my favourite roads is aursjøvegen, and this day, i decided to try a side road to this road - jernbanetraseen. This road is really spectacular, as you see in the pictures below.
  6. Transalp
    Its time for an oil change and again I turn to the forum for advice. Does anyone have a favourite? If so, why?
  7. Chatter
    As promised a picture my Dad (age 74) drew of my bike, He came round before xmas and took about 20 photos and off he went, he also put the picture on a mug and is getting a T shirt done for me. Normally his drawings are of Classic Bikes his favourite being the Manx Norton which he gets prints of...
  8. Chatter
    RIP Phil. Love those beautiful harmonies. What is your favourite? So many to choose from, but I've always loved this outsider
  9. Chatter
    This thread title is showing on my homepage. Almost as good as my previous favourite Show us your... Fatbloke
  10. Chatter
    107! A mere youngster! Have a brilliant time, Cabby. Keep on smiling, eh? :occasion5::occasion6:
  11. Accessories
    Got my camping gear together (thanks for the helpful advise) but would like to attach it as securely as possible . What are your favourite straps.? Got some ROK straps but not sure about them.
  12. BMW
    Swedish Police R1200GS I stopped by at my favourite garage at lunchtime. Aha, the new R1200GS. Wait a minute! What this? Strobos, radio, Antenna, extra switches, a loudspeaker? An unmarked Police bike...
  13. Chatter
    My favourite story of the day Parkham WI embarrassed by dressing as pirates for talk by former Somali pirate hostage Colin Darch | This is North Devon
  14. Ride Reports and Pictures
    We do this one every other year or two as well Some tough climbs but rewarded with some fantastic downhills that are only safe done at speed Some of my favourite downhills are on this ride Borrowdale Bash Part 1 - Descent from Watendlath on Santa Cruz Blur LT1 - YouTube And the fantastic...
  15. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi Peeps Not motorbike but still as much fun if not more We do this on every two or three years Lonscale Fell/Back of Skiddaw Mountain Biking - Santa Cruz Blur LT1 - YouTube
  16. Chatter
    Thinks of all the concept bikes and customised wonders that have ever graced our screens. My favourite: Hair Bear Bunch Intro - YouTube
  17. Chatter
    Whilst avoiding work I've got Brief Encounter on in the background and it's one of my favourite films. What's everyone elses?
  18. Chatter
    Fantastic, full size stormtrooper cake Life-sized Stormtrooper cake by Amanda Oakleaf Cakes | THEINSPIRATION.COM l THIS IS WH
  19. Chatter
    ..and about time too! BBC News - Bruce Forsyth receives knighthood The host of Sean's favourite TV programme is recognised for all his hard work in entertainment. Good Game I say :thumbup: Unleash your cuddly toys! :toothy3:
  20. Tools
    After replying on the Multimeter thread it got me thinking about how my tool kit has taken me well over 30 years to pull together and some of the tools there are older than me and probably irreplaceable now. So the question is what is your oldest, most irreplaceable or even favourite tool in...
1-20 of 26 Results