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  1. Using Earth For Ignition Kill

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello Gents, If I wanted to use an earth fed switch (momentary push type) to kill the ignition, which wire do I need to feed the earth to? The standard Domi kill switch just cuts the power to the CDI, but I am trying to simplify the wiring and switches. Many thanks Jim
  2. My favourite forms of transport :-)

    All set for our trip to France, strikes allowing. Nick and the good lady Bill.
  3. so the curse strikes again ...... should i just give up

    Africa Twin
    well here we go again . started the rebuild this week . all new bearings in , gearbox in lets try a dry build with the crank ............................ and of the new black main bearing is not a black main bearing???? i took it to the local bike shop and we checked it its not a...
  4. Wanted: RD07 carbs

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all. I am looking for a set of carbs for my 1997 AT. I am fed up with trying to find out what is wrong with the set I sent to NR P carbs in Manchester !!! regards Gerard Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  5. Christmas pressies

    Earlier in the year i sold some photography stuff and ahd the money at home. I got fed up with people asking me what i wanted for xmas and saying "nothing really just money" the only thing i wanted was a large telephotot lens for the camera so last week i orderd it and it arrived tonight...
  6. Wanted: Africa twin header heat shield

    For Sale / Wanted
    As it says on the tin, need the heat shield that goes on the headers, fed up burning holes in the bottom of my Kevlar jeans on the way to work! Anyone have one for sale as really don't like the carbon effect aftermarket ones? Thanks in advance
  7. Android app testers required

    My motorcycle diary app is up on Google Play store. Search for the-zebra motorcycle. There are probably a few things still to sort - though thanks to the few that have already fed back changes. Please try it and let me know if anything does not work or things that might work better. Can you...
  8. For Sale: Front Mudguard for Varadero 2055

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I have a Front mudguard for a Honda Varadero 2005 model. Silver in colour and brand new never fitted to the bike, which I sold some time back. I am fed up with putting it on ebay and want to move it on. It is free to collector but please don't ask me to post it as I don't want the hassle...
  9. XR 125 ignition live wire

    I need to set up an ignition fed relay to power accessories only when the ignition is on. Where's the best place to take the post-ignition live feed? Where can I get a Haynes manual for the modern bikes - or at least a wiring diagram?
  10. Varadero help please - screen attachment

    Hi guys - I picked up my 13 plate Vara on Friday and I'm already a little fed up with the shoulder and head buffeting I'm being subjected to. Anyone got any idea's as to what to "bolt" onto the screen to reduce or completely end the problem? I'm 6' 1" tall...... Thank you.
  11. Great road: Col De Pailheres in the French Pyrenees

    Great Roads/Routes
    Visited the Pyrenees for the first time back in September, to take photos for a group of cyclists doing the "Raid Pyrenees". The scenery and roads were quite fantastic. Here's a video clip coming down the Col de Pailheres: Transalp XL700V - Raid Pyrenees Descent from Col de Pailheres - YouTube...
  12. funnel recommendations

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi all, looking into carrying some extra fuel on the ole Dizzy, I'm cool with the jerry can, but fed up of leaking flexi tubes, so wondered if anyone has tried something that works well, I've seen a nice looking one by sealey, but you cant beat a recommendation. I want that go go juice on the...
  13. Improving handling on XR 400

    Hi, anyone got any advice on how to improve the handling of an XR 400 ...fed up with the front end being so soft Thanks Adam..
  14. Why DO we fight?

    Another 6 of our soldiers dead....Many of the rest traumatised and discarded....... what for....? THIS !!!? Why We Fight (2006) - Film Documentary - YouTube It's a long 'un but once I started to watch I had to see it through. Is it the truth? ...... Hard to be sure but I would mind betting...
  15. Happy birthday lulu

    That was a bloody fast year! In early 'cos I got fed up fishtailing the rattler in the snow. Book test young'll prob'ly make it through the rest of the winter...:) ... :occasion8: :occasion7::occasion9::occasion1::occasion2::occasion4::occasion6::occasion5:
  16. Today's strikes

    I'm fed up hearing about how hard done by the teachers are and now they are out on strike again. Teachers get more time off than any other profession, if they wan't more money and rights why don't they sign 9mth contracts then the other 3 months of the years when they're on holiday they can get...
  17. Anyone tried this method?

    As you all know ACF50 is great stuff but a pain to put on the bike as it comes out the can like a hose, not a spray. Most of the time I buy it in a bottle and use various rags/brushes to apply. What I am wondering is, has anyone used a proper spraygun such as the small touch up types the car...
  18. Fed up with working in an office etc

    Then open up a motorcycle repair shop, you will feel a lot better according to this guy BBC News - Is working with your hands better than just with your head?
  19. Fed up with one way racism

    I might get acused of something here but never mind:(:(. Tuesday night this week at 10pm on bbc 2 it appears we have MUSLIM DRIVING SCHOOL. Are muslims that different form anybody else that they need a series dedicated to them learning to drive. If i made a programme and called Christrian...
  20. I am getting really fed up with it now

    It has started snowing again here in London:rolleyes: