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  1. Transalp
    I have a PD10 TA 600 with the helmholtz resonator but I also have the carb feed pipe off a PD06 without it, which one should I fit? Is it likely for emissions/economy/performance or to take a tone out of the exhaust note?
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    For sale xr 400 oil cooler i great condition pix available this is just the cooler i do not have the oil feed pipes sensible offers
  3. Dominator / FMX
    Hello Gents, If I wanted to use an earth fed switch (momentary push type) to kill the ignition, which wire do I need to feed the earth to? The standard Domi kill switch just cuts the power to the CDI, but I am trying to simplify the wiring and switches. Many thanks Jim
  4. Chatter
    security issues a while back, ok, i understand. BUT, i only use 1 computer. EVERY TIME i try to log on, NOPE... wrong password, use forgot password, new tab, sign into my hotmail, open emails, go to site again, go back to email, wait, back to xrv land, sign-in using new password. An hour later...
  5. Africa Twin
    Found this this morning.
  6. Africa Twin
    Anybody knows how many liters a rd4-92 can gravety feed with the faulty fuelpump bypassed. I have to wait a week for a new pump.
  7. XR
    Can anyone tell me if it's possible to run my sat nav off of a 1998 XR400R. As you know it doesn't run a battery system so I was thinking that perhaps I could tap into a headlight feed to get my 12volts there? Any answers on how to go about it would be greatfully recieved.
  8. Varadero
    I usually take absolutely ages trying to clean the front wheel and external brake assembley. Got feed up wasting my time and tried wheel cleaner , sprayed it all over the wheel and brakes and then lightly jet washed,you know what ! It only fecking works ! Now got nice and clean front end , it's...
  9. Africa Twin
    lads i'm dithering about trying to figure out where to mount the scottoiler on my rd04 anyone care to share where they mounted theirs and where they took the vac feed from?
  10. XRV Swap Shop
    I am looking for oil dispensing plate the part that fits behind the oil filter to feed the oil cooler for a year 2000 motor cheers
  11. Africa Twin
    hi all, where is the engine oil level supposed to be at on the Honda xrv? there are 2 marks on the dip stick,when on the main stand, is it between the 2 marks?? thanks for the feed back!!
  12. Varadero
    Thinking of fitting some HAWK motech front fog lights and I would be gratefull for advice on the best place to take the live feed from on a o8 varadero Thanks, Ian
  13. Transalp
    Xl650 V6 Headlight wiring - 3 wires run in to the plug-to-headlight bulb; - White, blue and green. Which is the live feed please? I plan to `wire in` an inline switch giving me the choice of when to have the main headlight on........thanks peeps :bom:
  14. Transalp
    Tried the search facility to no avail on this. I'm getting a rattle at tickover, sounds like a camchain as soon as you feed the clutch in to pull away the noise stops. Any ideas ? cam chain ? does the Transalp 600 have balancers ?
  15. XR
    I need to set up an ignition fed relay to power accessories only when the ignition is on. Where's the best place to take the post-ignition live feed? Where can I get a Haynes manual for the modern bikes - or at least a wiring diagram?
  16. Dominator / FMX
    hi all i have a quad with a honda dominator engine ive just changed engine has other had gearbox problem ive come to putting the oil feed pipes back on the engine and cant for life remember which way they went any ideas ??
  17. BMW
    It would be fun to find a cheap R1100 and convert it into a real sturdy carb feed Wüstenschiff. WITEC have some nice examples. They also made a gravel road special on the basis of an R1100R
  18. Chatter
    Hi All Just to say there is a new Blog up on our site ( Take a look!!:rolleyes: We welcome feed back!! Thanks from all TTB's
  19. Africa Twin
    Right the last thing to sort is the taco , does it take its feed of one of the coils ?
1-19 of 28 Results