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  1. replacing Avon Gripsters with Mitas MC24 or E-08 on TA650

    now Avon Gripsters are no longer available I am considering replacing the rear with a Mitas MC24 ( I have them on the TA600) or E-08 (cheaper than MC24 & bit more road orientated). I only use the TA650 on the road or gravel but many local roads are poorly surfaced and often quite muddy. There...
  2. For Sale: XL125 / 185S 1982 Parts

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a collection of spares for both XL 125 and 185S models from around 1982 accumulated by may Father over the last 10 years that I feel deserve a better home than the corner of the garage Parts include: 185 Drum Forks 125 Disc Forks Front and rear wheels with Drum Brake Front Wheel with...
  3. Fmx 650 sparkplug

    Dominator / FMX
    Good evening all, I'm having problems wondering whether the fmx sparkplug should be a short plug as each time I renew the plug it never seems to go in all the way, I clean threads and put plug in until I feel it stop hard and I can see the crush washer still isn't home, it's been like this since...
  4. Running Naked

    Dominator / FMX
    I have been running mine, testing etc, with out any fairing or sump guard and I like it Bike still gets amazingly hot and I can feel more heat on my legs than before I am hoping that's due to more airflow wafting around the engine I am thinking a simple nose cone cowl only would be ample for...
  5. Very faint ticking noise

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all I have a very faint ticking noise coming from down near the oil filter area just wondering if it is normal, also it seems to feel like someone is now and again pushing against my bike as I'm going along, a few weeks ago I changed the oil etc and it was at the level at the time, I removed...
  6. Transalp 650 clutch cable change

    Hey all, My clutch cable snapped last week (luckily once I was home and parked) and I just swapped it out the other day. It took me longer than expected to free the old cable, purely because there was a little cable clip on the rear of the main upright. Difficult to see or feel, but once I had...
  7. How to remove fuse box terminal

    Africa Twin
    My headlights stopped working because a wire came loose from the back of the fusebox.(see pic) Probably I can simply stick the wire back where it came from and squeeze the metal clamps tight again. As you can see on the pic the clamps (where the wire should be fitted) are visible in the...
  8. Guy Martin 2017 TT.

    My younger brother just sent me this video about Guy Martin , wet myself laughing and feel obliged to share the news.:thumbup: :hitler::hitler::hitler:
  9. 55 Watt fog lights

    Hello Friends anyone installed 55 Watt fog lights on the dero ? 2004+ ? i feel but didnt really check that this might be too much on the generated power and could result on battery not receiving enough charge..just guess didn't check for figures any experience with that ? thanks
  10. High revs on full choke

    Africa Twin
    Hello guys, I've recentely got myself a 1997 Africa Twin, which had been standing still for about 3 years but would start fine. I brough it over to the garage to have it checked and 'refreshed' - but now everytime I start the bike up with the choke fully engaged it revs to about 4000 rpm. It...
  11. Welding a fuel tank...

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, I am in the process of cutting out the bottom of a fuel tank to fit over the top rail of my NX650.. as you do :) Once I have fabricated the new pieces, it will require stitching / welding.. I can mig, tig, arc, to a suitable standard but I feel mig or tig will give me to much...
  12. Are you sitting comfortably?

    Ok guys tiny moan with my xl600v seating position. May just be me but when in the saddle I feel that I have to keep shuffling back up the seat. Also the slight forward sliding puts pressure on my old thumbs. I know I'm a wuss. Now my question is are there any after market seats with slight...
  13. Rear shock XL700

    Anyone here either changed the spring in the standard shocker, or changed it completely ?? I've added preload to my standard shock already which has helped, but it's still a bit lacking when loaded up with luggage. I'm reluctant to spend loads on an aftermarket shock unless I knew it was going...
  14. 81 XL500s remove swing arm bushes ?

    Can anyone tell me how to remove the bushes either side of the swing arm? I want to strip everything out before paint and I want to renew the bearings anyway. There was a little bit of play I could feel. Here is a pic: Thanks, Adam.
  15. Impressed!!!!!!!!

    Dominator / FMX
    Got to say I'm smitten :) Just had my maiden run on my Vigor very impresed. A bit fluffy/hesitant under 2000rpm in traffic but feel it just needs a decent run out. 1500 miles in the last 5 yrs hasn't done it any good. Got a Givi top box, done a service,cleaned her up and thought I'd give her a...
  16. AdventureBrothers welcome post :)

    Other Bikes
    Welcome :compress: I did not found any place for a new members welcome post so i am writing it here ( if i'm wrong just feel free to tell me :-D ) :) We are brothers from Poland currently live in Peterborough , fascinated by adventures and no ordinary way of life. My name is Marcin(34) and my...
  17. TA Centre Stand

    After selling my second 650 TA last year and replacing it with a Vespa, I've now sold the Vespa bought a GS1150 decided it was too heavy and bought yet another TA. To cut a long story short I've been faced with having to fit a centre stand on the latest Alp. This one has been the easiest by far...
  18. Road biased tyres for the CRF250L

    CRF - New Forum!
    Hi, new to the Forum. I have always ridden large touring bikes but have recently added a CRF250L for small backroads riding. I don't want to ride off road, just the small tarmac tracks that wind over moors and Dales. The CRF has the stock knobbly tyres and I don't feel secure cornering on tarmac...
  19. Windshield Spacer. the right way to mount

    Sorry for the silly question this double spacer , the big part should be on the bottom of the windshield or the top ? i put the big part on the bottom but i feel it's wrong as there is a big hole that the small part can get out through when you have a lot of vibration. can anyone check his/her...
  20. Idle speed..1.2..seems bit high ??

    Hello , In my 2004 ABS Vara the idle speed was around 1000. i read in the manual it should be 1.2 ..So i adjusted it almost up to the 1st mark after the 1 in the gauge using the screw on the right so its 1.25 or less.. but i feel it's too high?? is it sounds high or there is something wrong...