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  1. Raising AT RD04, sudden clutch slip

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys. I don't see how this makes sense ... but let me ask! After installing kitpeds raiser kit (+6cm front and back) & removing db killer, my clutch slips. Before I had no issue whatsoever (RD04 from 1992 with 87000km). I checked for free play on the clutch lever and there is more than...
  2. XRV750N 1992 RD04 magneto question

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi, Can anyone tell me or even better show me pictures of the differences between magneto rotors on an RD04, RD07 or transalp. The motor I bought a while ago only had one pulse coil and the magneto has eight little bumps near the edge. My motor has two pulse coils now as per the recesses in the...
  3. 2010 700

    Transalp Technical Specs
    Hi all and thanks for having me here,I hope someone can advise my 700 has a slight hesitation feeling when there’s no load or very little load on the engine between 2000 to just over 3000RPMs it ticks over spot on at about 1200 RPMs, new air filter NGK plugs and caps and there’s no change, and...
  4. !st ride on my 98 AT

    Africa Twin
    Weather finally arrived so with some new insurance and a shiney new registration plate i ventured out ! The weight of the bike was really noticeable on moving her around the garage and i was beginning to think i had enter'ed one of those it's a knockout competitions when i tried to get her off...
  5. Pulse Sender / Generator Replacement

    Dominator / FMX
    Anyone got some tips etc on best way to replace the Pulse Sender please ? Mines playing up more often now, wouldn't start after filling her up for ten minutes today, which its never done before :rolleyes: I already have one, had a feeling it would need it sooner or later after reading...
  6. Norway trip

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi all Report and pics on my trip to Norway in August. I left home on 29th of July at about 1pm and just over 1 hour later I was in Folkstone the board the 3.20pm Eurotunnel. I hoped the weather would get better on the other side of the channel. I had lots of time to hope...
  7. Wobbly front end on my Africa Twin RD03

    Africa Twin
    I have a 1989 RD03 and the front end feels like it's made of jelly. If I shake the bars when stationary the whole front end wobbles back up through the bars. This also happens when moving at low speeds (below 10mph) and when coming to a stop which throws the whole bike off balance. Once moving...
  8. Head Bearing Replacement

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, Any recommendations for a replacement head bearing? This one any good? Honda NX 650 T Dominator RD08 (Nissin Front Caliper) 96 Tapered Headrace Bearing Set (Japan) Parts at Wemoto - The UK's No.1 On-Line Motorcycle Parts Retailer Also can you confirm, if I am to get the frame...
  9. my '95 Dommie clean up!

    Dominator / FMX
    So after a number of months sitting in spare parts in my garage, the ol' Dommie is finally back together! Cleaned her up from the frame up, stuck a Wiseco high compression piston in the motor, fresh tyres, braided front brake line, repainted a few bits such as exhausts, fork top tee, handlebars...
  10. One of them days.

    Dominator / FMX
    You know the feeling dont you ,end of the month and almost skint. The sun was shining today and it was five days until payday so I had to go and get groceries to fill the fridge until next week. Filled the bike and went for a blast in the sunshine and got home filled the fridge. What should I do...
  11. For Sale: 2002 Transalp650... 30k Miles....£ 1500

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    2002 Transalp650... 30k Miles....NOW SOLD SOLD NOW :)
  12. Tyre advice for new CRF1000 AFrica Twin please!

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Well, after months of deliberation, I have finally put my deposit down on a new Africa Twin :D:D:D Cant wait! Hoping to get some tyre advice please as I am not keen on the stock Dunlops. I am running Tourances on my Alp, which have been great but wondering if you guys have any advice...
  13. Are bikes getting too complicated?

    Africa Twin
    ever get the feeling bikes are getting too complicated? Triumph Tiger Explorer review .... the bike in question (or, at least, the full-spec option) features semi-active suspension, cornering ABS, cruise control, a torque-assist clutch, a Hill-Hold 'handbrake' function, a traction control...
  14. Steering question

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys. With my RD07A on it's centre stand, front wheel off the ground, the handle bars can be nudged from side to side very gently BUT, going through the centre point, it has the slightest of hesitation and would oscillate to and from a few times and then self-centre. Its not binding nor does...
  15. Happy New Year!

    I'm not getting in first because I'm a sad old bugger with nowhere to go on new Year's Eve, it's because I'm in NZ and already wearing off the hangover. And because I'm feeling some sympathy for you lot because it's peeing down here as well. Admittedly, for the first time in weeks, and there...
  16. For Sale: Ohlins upgrade 650 Transalp

    For Sale / Wanted
    I had an uprated Ohlins spring with adaptors fitted by Kais in Atherton before our Greece trip back in '08 (blimey!). Stock spring rate is 13.2kg/mm as I recall, the Ohlins 15kg/mm and it does carry the weight better without being hard/harsh solo. £70 posted. I can fit to a decent spare...
  17. Checking in saying Hello!

    Africa Twin
    Hello all, been a long time lurker and have even posted on here a few times under my dads account (Rickmercs), so thought it was about time i got my own. Especially considering that i now own his old RD07A...! Loving the bike so far, have had it a little under a month and have been putting as...
  18. Dr Steve's Smileage Remedy

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    After a brief conversation with a man up the road, Dr Steve diagnosed the need for some “Smileage Therapy”. With the diagnosis and remedy sorted, Dr Steve and “patient” headed off into the increasing brightness that was to engulf the day from start to finish – a first this summer for us real...
  19. Your help needed

    We are starting a new business, motorcycle tours in Greece.. we have compiled a questionnaire to ensure that we are offering the service you want.. If you have 5 minutes and are feeling good please leave your email address so I can forward it.. Thank you in advance.. Victoria.
  20. Proper off road machine

    Africa Twin
    So happy with my AT. Did 90 miles of green lanes today with a big group of enduros and a GS. But unlike the other little crossers, I had a fair trek on the motorway to reach the meeting point. Real dual sport. Rugged roads crash bars - proper job, really worked well. Can't say the same for the...