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  1. Varadero
    Following some moronic behavious by a deckhand on Irish Ferries earlier in the week, I now need a replacement seat for my 2005 Vara! XL1000 V4 The stupid eedjit overtightened the ratchet strap in spite of being told not to.... and snapped the base plate so that it does not take my weight...
  2. Travel
    I have managed to wangle a fortnight free of familly responsibilities so am heading off to put some miles on the @ Just looking for info on the Brittany ferries Economie service. has anyone used it and what did you think? Read somewhere that vehicle could get covered in sea salt and would be...
  3. Travel
    I'll be taking a ferry from Italy to Greece in the summer and I'm a ferry virgin as far as biking is concerned and I'm looking for some advice. When you leave your bike after boarding, do you leave all your bulky gear still on it ? I'm talking about tents and dry bags etc, not tank bags or...
  4. The Longest Day
    i was hoping to book ferries and accomodation in lowestoft in the near future. Was thinking of a travel lodge or sometjhing like that, for part of the night before the ride, just to get a few hours of shut eye prior to riding in the morning. has anyone booked anything or do we all do this...
  5. The Longest Day (Planning)
    As it says in the title
  6. The Longest Day
    Hi All, The Dingle bunkhouse bookings are in Post number 3 below from: R559 to: 52.129597,-10.452511 - Google Maps Dunquin Dun Chaoin Hostel - Dunquin, Ireland - Hostel Review Dunquin Hostel is located in Dunquin, a small town on the western tip of the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland's...
  7. Travel
    Hello. I'm toying with the idea of heading to Italy this summer and it'll be the first time I've crossed the channel with the bike. I'd be really grateful for any tips on this, such as which ferry operators to go for (or avoid) and how it works with strapping your bike down, etc (do they do...
  8. Travel
    whats happend to all the ferries to norway was hoping to go over to the troll rally next year near oslo but at the moment the only way over is from harwich which from sw scotland is about 440 miles away . used to go newcastle / bergan with dfds ferries but this route is now stoped whats going on
  9. Travel
    Hello In a couple of weeks I shall be going to France on P&O. I've done it lots of times in the car but this is the first on a bike, has anyone got any do's and don'ts?
  10. Chatter
    I've been trying all morning to book a ferry Portsmouth to Le Havre on this site but cant get past the booking page :confused:. Could someone check if it's their site thats at fault and not my server playing up.:thumbup:.
1-10 of 11 Results