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  1. A little bit of "Fettling"

    Bodgers Corner
    Quick couple of piccies of a little bodging I’ve just completed on some practicle bling for the F658 Plate On bike Box Bag Steve T :cool:
  2. Agent orange! Tango'd! KTooom colour! You decide

    Saw this Liked the look Bought it :thumbright: 2010, 8k miles, from 1st owner, FBMWSH = Happy Steve :thumbup: Let the fettling commence :rolleyes: :D ;) Steve T :cool:
  3. AT RD7a 2000 - front subframe

    Africa Twin
    Hi - after an "off" on Saturday my treasured AT needs a bit of fettling. It's mostly bolt on bits - screen, footpeg, mirrors etc however I have bent the front subframe that holds the lights and clicks etc. Any one got a spare straight one for sale or tips on straightening the old one. I have...
  4. MKI RD02 vs MKII RD02 fairing fitments

    Dominator / FMX
    Anyone here ever tried fitting MK2 fairings and sidepanels to a MKI (US Model ) RD02? Is the frame the same? or will it need fettling? I know the seats are different but what about the rubber mounts on the sidepanels are they the same on both the RD02's? The only reason I ask is I have an...
  5. 185s right hand panels

    Well given up looking for a R/H panel now so decided to try my own version, there are some on ebay at the moment but know the price will soon above what I am willing to pay so This was mark 1 attempt, which did get painted white And today I have been fettling in the garage, needs a bit more...
  6. fettling day

    right any of you got things need sorting on your bikes now will be the time to start prepping and fetling for the longest day. i'll sort a day for yous that want to pop over to mine and get anything you need sorted let me know and i'll sort a sunday:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:and help...
  7. Been fettling

    Africa Twin
    Just swapped the carbs over on my AT and did and oil and filter change on it. A pair finally came up on ebay. :cool: While I was in there curiosity got the better of me I whipped off the front sprocket to check out the condition of the output shaft. disgust It's in pristeen condidtion...
  8. More fettling of the XR today

    Done some more fettling, but was actually planning to change the tyres over to the Michelin AC10's. Got the front wheel off and noticed that the left hand side axle clamp bit was cracked right through. It had been done for some time as it was really dirty. Had this problem on my old 1987...