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  1. Transalp
    Hi All, My Mate has just bought a 2005 Transalp with 2K on the clock the previous guy had a Hagon Shock put on the Bike to lower it by 40mm my mate has just put the original Honda one back on the Bike so now he has The Hagon for sale. This is in as new condition and comes complete in...
  2. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Using OS landRanger sheet 174 we stayed in a pub near Upton grid 5186 (sorry can't remember name) it's a big play ground in this area or can go west on ridgeway, It's great now for novice off roaders, But a bit boring as It's mostly gravel (used to be mud more fun and more tyre friendly). We...
  3. Chatter
    I was bidding on some moto-x boots on ebay and noticed the links they give you for altrnative similar items. check out what they class as similar,they remind me of what was on a posting recently about mabel's knee and what might have possibly been the cause of the fall...................... AXO...
  4. Chatter
    Been reading this book recently and on page 23, it says; "Remember that, even in daylight, up to a third of other road users will not even realise you are there". I think it goes up to 50 per cent at night... Sobering thought. Explains such a lot. I ride in what I think is a pretty high...
  5. Mechanical Advice
    Hi, Here is place to upload dynamometer charts - Steve
  6. Transalp
    Well, I promised you pics, & today, finally we got some half decent weather, so, !....but you'll need to follow the links because I don't want to shrink the files ;)
  7. XR
    Having got my little XR 'sorted' (i.e. all the free mods completed), I've just been enjoying the ride and having fun... So, I made a short film of how much fun I've been having. Check it out and let me know what you think: Cheers Slidey
  8. Chatter
    Norman Birtles <[email protected]> wrote: Dear Mr MIKE FLETCHER, Your order has been dispatched today. Thank you for using Nippy Normans for your BMW accessories. Kind Regards Norman Nippy Normans Ltd Website:
  9. XR
    Hi guys, been making some vids covering basics for XR250 owners: 1) CHAIN ADJUSTMENT: 2) SPARK PLUG MOD: 3) RE-JETTING: 4) EXHAUST & AIRBOX...
  10. Africa Twin
  11. Other Bikes
    HE'S FINISHED :dev: so the last time we saw marmite he looked like this now he looks like this 8) 8) 8) note the kick ass hella FF50 spots sent over by slimie... thanks dude 8) and the stainless oil cooler grill from reyno of ukgsers 8) and the pearl in the black...
  12. Clothing
    Hi folks? Best Winter Gloves... (Waterproof and Warm)... My Held Attacks are begining to get cold and wet! So... What you all using? Thanx
  13. Africa Twin
    No wheels on my wagon and I'm not rolling along those cherokee's have captured me they look mad, things look bad but I'm singing a happy song oh oooohhh Who remembers that one then ??? :lol: Anyway my RD04 looks like this at the moment, wheels have been stripped of tyres, tubes, discs...
  14. Africa Twin
    THIS IS AN UPDATE I NOW HAVE A BM AND AN AFRICA TWIN.....Lucky Me 9th August 2009 I have a dilema. :shock: I Have had a cherished a 33k RD07 AT for near three years. 'M'reg 1995 A GREEN ONE!. Its got all the Rematec alloy bits/Remus Titanium oval exhaust/givi luggage/tank bag and covers/flip...
  15. Chatter
    dam i miss my AT but i have other toyz now! anyway another week another party, when are you guys gonna come visit? im 45 mins from the north georgia mountains i know it aint the alps but its the best the yanks can do :lol: nothin got broken, nobody woz sick anywhere, the cops didnt show up...
  16. Africa Twin
    Well I thought I would show you all my new set up. I am well pleased and a big thanks to Paul Cave for fitting them. :D I'm off to the "Big trial bike" meet in Ripley now so must dash. Jon :D
  17. Africa Twin
    I have been looking at various ways to fit additional spot lights to the @. I could not justify £250 on Touratech ones so I opted for a nice little set from Halfords at £29.99. Below are some piccies of the finished install and I think they look really good and give out a fantastic beam of...
  18. Africa Twin
    Well after givin g it some thought I have decided to sell the Laser end can. I am happy with the Honda system for now so it will have an add in the for sale section. I have just had it profesionaly polished and it is probably better now than when new. It is the road legal one and I think you can...