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  1. My RD04 fairings is made of fibreglass. Is that normal

    Africa Twin
    Hi I just bought a RD04 1991. It seems like all my fairings are made of fibreglass. Is that original? Best Dan
  2. Aftermarket front mudguard

    Africa Twin
    Are there any aftermarket front mudguards for the AT? I was surprised not to find any fibreglass/carbon kevlar replacements on the Rugged Roads site! There's only white OEM mudguards on eBay too. :(
  3. Fibreglass exhaust wrapping tape: where to buy?

    Mechanical Advice
    I go a high level system for my Ural. It is made for the bike, but there is a danger of a pillion's leg getting burnt if not careful, so I want to buy some of that fibreglass strip that can be wrapped around the pipe work, to insulate from injury. My Dad would be buying it and bringing it...
  4. working with Fibreglass

    Mechanical Advice
    I have just been looking at utube and watched a few clips on fiberglass,how to copy a mould and such,so my thoughts are would it be that difficult to say copy a side panel or a fairing?I`ve looked at the prices of fiberglass kits (gelcoat,resin ,mat)and all the other bits and pieces it dosen`t...