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  1. Trip master - all 8s

    Africa Twin
    Hi I have been fiddling with the AT like you do and now when I stitch on I only get a row of 8s on the tripmaster! Any ideas on a fix? Cheers Angelo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Headlight adjustment

    Africa Twin
    Know this has been "sort of " covered before, but does anyone know the precise distances and general spec to set up the lights on the @ ?? Been fiddling about with mine and I think I've screwed up :mad:
  3. Not a good first ride

    Just woken up after a disasterous first ride in ages. Been tidying up my @T for months and after much fiddling finally managed to get my headlights sorted and scottoiler fitted (last things on my list) a few days ago so at 2:30am thismorning decided to go for a ride when there was no traffic...
  4. Help me choose a headlight bulb RD04?

    Africa Twin
    Still fiddling around with my headlights, and hopefully the bulbs that I've taken out to check and refit will be OK for now, but I'm going to see if I can find locally or order some replacements just incase so if these don't work I can drop the new ones in. My bike's an RD04 italian import, so...
  5. sticky switches

    Have been out this morning for my 1st run of the new year, v cold but dry. Bike is a treat to ride, (wish I'd fitted hand guards years ago now), but I noticed that the switch that alternates hi and low beam was stuck in the hi beam position, after 5 mins of fiddling about and repeatedly...
  6. carb jet settings rd03

    Africa Twin
    as a matter of interest, i have been experimenting with jet sizes in my rd03 650. i acquired bobA's rd03, which has the filter box removed and a large k&n filter fitted. along with a racing exhaust, this upset the cv carb bigtime, resulting in a bike which wouldn't pull the skin off a rice...
  7. Is it you ??? 2 x Varedero in Norfolk

    Never thought I'd write one of these "is it you ?" threads, but a couple of times now I've had formation Varedero's ride past my house !! Last time was on Sunday about 2pm, location near East Dereham in Norfolk. I was outside fiddling about with Mrs Dim Reapers CBF1000 and you gave a wave as...
  8. Exhaust no. 2 !

    Africa Twin
    I just cant help myself - been fiddling in the garage again :rolleyes: : Anyone got a snorkel to go with my hi level exhaust ????????????? Just waiting on some black exhaust heat bandage to wrap the rather long link pipe so i dont burn myself on it or melt any plastic :D
  9. Joining wires... any neat solutions?

    Mechanical Advice
    Been fiddling around trying to wire my Trailtech Vapor into the existing loom, come to the conclusion there's no easy way and that I need to cut some wires then connect to the Vapor. Problem is I want to find a neat way of splicing two wires. The Trailtech has some neat mini-crimp ferrules...
  10. A sneek peek

    Africa Twin
    I am still working on the bike - god knows how many hours its taking, but its all worth it :p Lots of fiddling about to make things fit and work properly. I have a rough idea of where all the wires are going - but its going to be a tight fit. Remember theres no plans or instructions for any...
  11. I really shouldnt be trusted...

    After an afternon spent fiddling with the bike and my Starcom and stuff, I decided to take the plunge and fit my Spotlights that have been gathering dust for 6 months or so! I had a cunning plan the other day of using one of the existing fairing mounting bolts and fixing the light brackets on...
  12. Setting the clock on my At - oh and hello, cause I'm new here

    Africa Twin
    As the title suggests, first of all Hello to all. A bit of background. Have just purchased my first Africa Twin, which is a 1999 and am really pleased with it. It hasn't been off road yet but am planning on doing some light green laning. I also ride a KTM 200, 2 stroke which is a...
  13. Will a AT tank fit an TA easily

    I'm thinking of getting an Africa Twin tank for an 03 TA. Does nayone know if it will fit and does it require a lot of 'fiddling' with stuff?
  14. Spotlights fitted

    Africa Twin
    Well after about 5 hours fiddling about and about 8 blown fuses I have eventually got spotlights fitted. I had to re-route the TomTom Rider and cigar lighter to make room but think it's worth it. Now to find some country lanes to test them out in the dark. I rigged up a switch rather than...
  15. Fitting an Autocom to the BMW R1150GS

    Other Bikes
    I think Chad asked me where I fitted my Autocom and as there isn't much underseat storage on a Beemer so I thought I'd show some pics. After much fiddling about I decided that there are 2 places to mount the Autocom; in the tool compartment after loosing some tools and the puncture repair kit...
  16. Be carefull of This

    Africa Twin
    I bought my RDO4 nearly 1 year ago, and i am more than pleased. I completed a big service when i bought the bike, and i put the bike on the centre stand to check the chain tension which seemed fine. It says in the RD04 owners manual to raise the rear wheel off the ground to do this, i noticed...
  17. argh! ignition switch/steering lock!

    Africa Twin
    Walked up to the bike this evening, inserted key, turn... b*gger, won't budge. Lots of fiddling and I got the steering lock off, but can't get the ignition on - key just won't turn :cry: First suspicion is some wee b*st*rds have tried to nick it, but there's no sign at all of damage around...
  18. K&N Filter

    Africa Twin
    Is it worth putting one in? RD07 with Remus Gran Prix Will it make any difference ( any more power) or will I need to start fiddling with carbs/opening the airbox itself? Something to do over winter mind
  19. Anti Fog Sunglasses

    Hi All Has anyone bought anti fog sunglasses and used them on the bike? Don't know if this has affected anyone else but.... Depending on weather conditions my sunglasses (I've tried three pairs) will fog up. My HJC AC11 ZEEK Helmet works brilliantly and will be clear - it has anti fog...
  20. Fuel Consumption Vs Emissions Regs...

    Hi all Reading some other post's about fuel mileage. Just wondering if anyone has tried disconnecting the air injection malarkey, same with the cat. How does the injection system work? I'm interested as the 650 'Alp is currently returning about 47mpg, the previous bike a TRX 850 returned...