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  1. Honda R134 Fighting Red touch up paint

    Dominator / FMX
    Anyone know a good source for Honda R134 Fighting Red touch up paint please ? Not urgent
  2. RD07a engine removal WTF??

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, after about 2 hours in the garage fighting with it I still cant get the engine out of the frame. Has anyone got any tips/ photos or video of engine removal,surly it can't be so hard? And if i'm having this much trouble getting it out how do I get it back in????? thanks
  3. Had to call the police to the cab tonight.

    There was two women fighting outside the cab.....over ME! I told the copper and he said "So...what's the problem?" I said...."The fat one's WINNING!" Sorry.......:toothy5:......... Well.....It wouldn't have worked in the jokes section...:confused:
  4. Vibes through the bars - I'm fighting back Pooratech style!

    Africa Twin
    I've been doing 140+ miles per day lately and the vibes through the AT's bars are getting me down. I remembered being very impressed with a set of Rox risers fitted to a 1150GS that I rode a little while ago which cancelled out all the vibrations due to some rubber inserts. So I used an old kids...