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  1. Africa Twin
    I had passed on a few bikes and finally came acroos this 97 AT. It will do for now while I look for my RD04. I have an RD03 back in the states already so figured the rd04 will be good to have also. In the meantime 8 months w/o a bike and just a scooter was enough
  2. Transalp
    I got my new GoPro Hero in the mail today, so i figured i would test it on my way home from work :D That exhaust sound is just music in my ears :angel4:
  3. Africa Twin
    My front brake has rattled since I bought the bike. Today I figured time to clean out the calipers and found I was missing the small spring from each side Amazing the image has uploaded. the part numbered 8 spring pad are both missing; is this likely to be the cause of the rattle?
  4. XR
    Hey everyone, nice site and very useful, have a couple of questions though that I've been unable to find answers to so have signed up in the hope your experience can help me out... Back in August, an acquaintence on another biking forum posted his XR400 for sale, long story short, he'd bought...