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  1. Sore forearms and adjustable brake levers

    Africa Twin
    I am riding through heavy traffic in Norwich twice a day during the rush hour and do a hell of as lot of filtering, because I of this I have two fingers over the brake lever all the time. I've only been doing it for a month but have found my forearm and third and little finger throbbing/aching...
  2. universal silencer?

    Anybody had any experience with any of the universal type silencers for 650 Transalp? Specific versions are extortionate but pattern universal seem one fifth of the price... Not interested in performance but a bit more bark for when filtering might be nice to avoid the SMIDSY syndrome... Regards
  3. about time...."filtering"

    Chatter :-)
  4. Wide load

    At what point would you say panniers are too wide. Had racks made up for the RD04, great workmanship, but, they are 60cm wide. My panniers are big but not that wide, 25cm each, which would then give me an arse like Doris at 110cm. I'll not be doing any filtering with them on so I'm not bothered...
  5. Filtering. Here's why

    (Dutch article) Pic's bad enough, but it gets worse. Apparently they were pushed like that for 150m. Driver claims to not have seen them... Filtering. Here's why.
  6. Filtering

    This could easily turn into a rant but I'll try and restrain myself. Why do some bikers never look in their bloody mirrors when filtering. Why, if and when they do look and see me behind them do they carry on pottering through the traffic at walking pace, putting their foot down between...
  7. Filtering to Work

    Hiya all Just popped on the video camera this morning for the trip to work. Door to door 40 minutes but as the video shows it would take over 1 hour 10 in the car Filtering is such a touchy subject - when I recently took the bike bike test the feeling of the instructors in the area was not to...
  8. Filtering and traffic light queues?

    Hi, I am new to motorbikes, although I have driven a car for many years and wondered what the rules or advice are regarding filtering when approaching traffic lights. The majority of my ride to work is through town so the only time to be saved is if it is possible to avoid some of these queues...
  9. Filtering accident details

    This is the round up of the 2.5 yr legal battle which I know many of you have been following. You have to remember that this case was looking like it was going to settle for £30,000 from the original legal team that my insurers provided me with. i decided to seek out Andrew Campbel and he...
  10. Filtering Rocks

    The A12 was a total mare tonight. Police had a large section closed due to a gentleman on a roof in leytonstone threatening to jump onto the A12. (all the houses on Grove green road have back gardens - not sure why they thought he would actually reach the road!!). I joined a snake of bikes...
  11. Filtering accident triumphant result at last!

    2 years ago I promised to update you on my accident when I was knocked off my Africa Twin whilst filtering by a driver who neglected to check his mirrors before turning right. It resulted in a badly broken leg and complicated ankle break for me preventing me from my work as a sports...
  12. a filtering question

    here's a question that I was hoping that XRV's collective wisdom could help me with. highway codes says (and I'm paraphrasing here!) not to overtake on the zig zags either side of a pedestrian crossing. If I'm 'filtering' past stationary traffic, and I continue to filter into the zig zag...
  13. Filtering and mirrors!

    Hi all, Bought a Transalp a couple of weeks ago (and I absolutely love it :thumbright:) so had to join the site. In you vast and varied experience, has anyone come up with a cunning plan to keep the mirrors on the bike but not keep getting stuck next to Transits and Traffic Masters when...
  14. Filtering - the law

    Towards the end of the week, on 3 consecutive days, there was 3 to 4 traffic cars on the way up to the Forth road bridge. Which made me twichy about going up the centre. The traffic is quite heavy in the morning traveling at 10 - 20 mph. So I normally happily make my way up the centre...
  15. Filtering accident

    After 18 years of trouble free riding my luck run out in July. I on my Africa Twin was filtering past stationary traffic on the approach to a red light. I was going down through the gears and keeping a watchfull eye on the traffic to my left. Without warning a Mini turned right into my path...
  16. Filtering

    Okay comeing down the M6 yesterday, I started filtering. All was fine, of course the volvoes and Audis were dikheads. But I am cutting in out of trafic with out really thing about what i was doing then i notice that the trafic had speed up and i was still filtering at 70mph. So i yell at my self...
  17. Opinions of filtering

    Hi, I wonder others opinion on filtering through traffic. My daily journey involves quite a few sets of traffic lights, (mostly right turns) If I find the lights are on red, or more so if I’ve seen them change to red on approaching, so I know I have a few minutes, if conditions and other...
  18. Filtering

    Your thoughts please: I tend to regard filtering as the most hazardous thing I do on the bike on day to day basis, generally speaking. I reckon there's any number of ways it can go wrong with consequences ranging from the embarrassing to the painful. So, although I subscribe to the I don't...