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  1. Africa Twin
    Has anyone on here has any experience of having a bike/bike panels wrapped? Has anyone done a diy wrap? seen some sites offering unusual wraps and was wondering how hard they are to apply and what the final look is like? cheers
  2. Africa Twin
    Has anyone on here has any experience of having a bike/bike panels wrapped? Has anyone done a diy wrap? seen some sites offering unusual wraps and was wondering how hard they are to apply and what the final look is like? cheers
  3. Varadero
    Hi all, If the answer is yes can you please have a look at your service manual (the one which honda supplied ) and let me know the initial setting and final setting of the mixture /pilot screw. I think it's on page 5-18. Thanks.
  4. Africa Twin
    Evening people! I am completing the final stages to film of a trip to Western Sahara...on a budget & it features a newly qualified 22yr old on an Africa Twin (restricted lisence) Here's the trailer- I hope you enjoy it...please do comment & share. They will be posted here as released ( like...
  5. Africa Twin
    There are five twins on eBay including mine that have been listed twice but no bites, where's the next best place, bike trader or MCN ? Anyone had any experience of these? Or is it just a case of sitting tight? EBay fees are an absolute killer, 10% of final price, outrageous! You have to list...
  6. Chatter
    Rob has been a very active, popular and much liked member of XRV, manking many good friends over the years. Unfortunately Rob passed away yesterday Saturday 23rd, peacefully. It was Robs wish to be sent off on his final journey by as many motorcycle mounted friends as possible. Phil...
  7. Travel
    Been putting this together over on ABR, so for those who don't visit that forum:-
  8. Chatter
    Just had westcountry news on and they were showing a trailer for the air day at Yeovilton wish i realised it was on this weekend as they are having the last flight of the final Vulcan left flying doing a final air display. Last time i saw one of them flying was around 20 years back at RAF...
  9. Chatter
    Wheel Oil Beef Hooked "Now it appears BMW is in the final process of selling Husqvarna to KTM; itself owned by the massive Indian firm Bajaj." Quote from MCN never heard of Bajaj so I googled them Kawasaki Ninjas :eek: KTM:eek: :eek:and maybe soon Husqvarna Not doing too bad for a "tuk tuk"...
  10. Africa Twin
    1991 RD04: Engine rebuilt with new gaskets etc, carbs sonically cleaned and balanced, new cables throughout etc. Symptoms: Rough, bumpy running. Just not enough pull through all the gears. Top speed of just over 80mph, downhill (70+ uphill). At top speed final twist of the throttle loses...
  11. Chatter
    I was just looking at this on Facebook and thinking what a good idea when a comment caught my eye. I couldn't help thinking he must be a lobotomized power ranger. Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  12. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi again managed to source all my bits through ebay europe except a seat this is the final piece of the jigsaw so a seat in any condition is better than none as need one for mot, thanks
  13. Chatter
    Found this on Therevounter forum - Transport Research Laboratory: High Conspicuity* Garments for Road Workers, Final Report. I refer the reader to Figure 10 on Page 37. And the powers that be are still trying to force "Highly Conspicuous" Hi-Viz Jackets on users motorcyclists in the totally...
  14. Kids Weekend
    As per subject. Please for for all the weekends that are NO GOOD for you and the one that accomodates the most wins. Preference will be given to the fewest votes but Twin Burner has the final say as he does all the donkey work. Only vote if you really plan to attend though please
  15. Suzuki
    After two years of blood sweat and tears of rebuilding this is the final product. its a 1991 j plate. it was a kick only but is now a dual start which is fantastic. what do you think.
  16. XR
    Hello, Can anyone tell me if my final drive oil seal, the splined drive coming out of the gearbox where the front sprocket is mounted -- can be replaced from the outside or do i have to open up the gearbox? Thanks y'all... Rossa in west cork.
  17. Chatter
    Now then, who's going through to the final? England getting beaten by France - who'd have put money on that? Wales beating Ireland. Cracking game and probably the game of the tournament. Australia beating South Africa - didn't see the game but from the low score, might have missed a good 'un...
  18. Chatter
    Well, I am of course referring to the Scotland v England game today. What can I say ??? As regards passion and commitment I can't fault our guys, just a pity we can't score any tries :D The English side were certainly lacking in passion for most of the game ;) Never mind, we have a young...
  19. Suzuki
    Hello Folks Happy New ! :-) Just finishing the final part of the 'top end ' rebuild and noticed a 'click/noise' coming from the valves. It occurs at the following points in the cycle: 1. Ignition e.g. when the piston is traveling towards TDC and both valves closed 2. Exhaust e.g when the...
  20. Chatter
    OK, I know this should be in the Ride-Outs forum following the previous thread here but I want it to have maximum visibility. We need to know numbers in order to go ahead with planning. So far we have: Sharrie The Piguglies (2) The IanPorters (2) Immortal P Meesh (possibly) Lulu [Please...
1-20 of 38 Results