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  1. New to site ... I have some findings for those of you that want just a lil more

    Mechanical Advice
    Recently purchased an FMX 650.. On my way home i noticed 120 km... Some thing had to be done... and it was. Long story short... sprocket set up that seems to work well... I get 140 km out of it now.... 15/39
  2. Temp findings the final chapter .....

    Africa Twin
    Ok for all you that are interested Mr Mudd esp ;) before i start this proved the st temp gauge on the AT is about a much use as a chocolate fire guard ;) Ok ive removed the tank left fairing airbox , i made up a Tee piece with a tapped tube in the with the correct thread. All i done was...
  3. Nx650s camshaft help!!

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I'm new to this forum and would welcome some help with my wee bike. I'm doing a topend rebuild and am a little confused with my findings? The camshaft appears to have quiet a bit of lateral movement causing some damage to the camshaft location. There is a slot in the cam which would suggest...
  4. Good chain for a Vigor?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, Forum I have been lurking since I got my Vigor back in the dark days of winter - will post soon our findings on the first bit of this love affair Can you suggest a good value chain? DID seem to have about 64 grades and various shapes of sealing ring - suggestions, please for good value...
  5. regulator problems!!

    Hi guys wondered if if anyone can just confirm my findings about my regulator problems. I put a new battery on the bike about a month ago, as I figured the old one was a dud. Then the other day the bike wouldn't start. A check of the battery found it had boiled dry. I refilled it and charged it...
  6. Triumph Warranty Woes

    Right first of all I have to apologise to Jim Simpson (africajim) for if I'd have listened to his gripes instead of defending thid brand/dealer network I wouldn't be in this situation. Jim, I humbley apologise I purchased My July 2011 Triumph Tiger 800 XC ABS with 3500 miles on the clock on the...
  7. Will this '87 Canadian model work for me

    Hello to all... I'm a new member on the east coast of Canada - riding a Honda PC800 at the moment. Looking at purchasing an '87 Transalp. Bike is four hours away so I'm thinking of asking the seller to take it into the local Honda dealership for a check up... needs a safety inspection anyway -...
  8. Triumph Tiger 800XC one season later.

    Test Ride Reports
    I bought a Triumph Tiger 800XC at the beginning of 2011 and following a summer season here in the UK I would like to report my findings, if for no other reason, to clarify the half truths regarding my complaints over the last six months. Following the press releases through the MSN I was...
  9. Varadero & the fitting of VTR Carbs.

    Hi everyone, This is my first time on the forum, so please be gentle with me! About a year ago I bought a XL1000 Varadero V1 and I have fallen in love with it. Being a sports bike rider for years, I thought I would tidy it up and sell it on! In between tidying and polishing, I started...
  10. First Impressions of my 700 TA v V-Strom

    Well, I've had my TA for a week now and done my commute to London from the Island. These are my first impressions - if I'm wrong in any of this, no doubt I'll be corrected! I came from a V-Strom 650 which I had got when I downsized from a series of BM GSs. I'm very fond of V-Stroms and reckon...
  11. Transport Committee slates bike test

    MPs on the Transport committee have slated the introduction of the new test for bikers fearing the drop in riders taking the test means more will ride illegally. “The introduction of the new European motorcycle test in the UK has not gone smoothly and efficiently, despite a very long...
  12. Mystery TA in Tallinn: the plot thickens!

    Well, I went to see the bike and indeed pictures are deceiving. The bike is in pretty poor nick. The bloke selling was a very nice chap, so I fel;t a bit bad for him. Seems he's had it since spring and has probably done about 3-4000km on it. Asking prices was about €1500 My findings...
  13. Wow - quite a braking improvement !

    Having time on my hands last week i decided to change out my brake fluids. Wouldn't normally consider on a bike thats only been on the road a year but i have always thought my rear brake especially a bit poor and the fluids did look a dark (maybe there are dark ones on the market). Interesting...
  14. Magnetic Oil bolt , an amazing discovery.

    Mechanical Advice
    I like to share my experience , about my magnetic Oil bolt .. or " Magnetic Drain Sump Oil Plug " I got it because I liked to maximize the oil cleaning , from possible metal particles , that uses as hideout the the engine case ...
  15. carb balancers and fittings

    Africa Twin
    Where do i get one from. I have an RD03 and as you know i will need a fitting to srew into the side of the engine to attatch the pipes to. RD03 owners findings would be very good to know. Thanks
  16. @650 end can under 50 quid!

    Africa Twin
    Thanks to member Ashley M's advice (top fella), I following his lead and fitted an oval Scorpion end can for a CBR600 onto my bike. Cost 42 quid from ebay, a pipe reducer for just over a tenner ...sold elsewhere too...
  17. New bike sooner than later, I think.

    Had my tri-annual company medical on Monday, the PCA test revealed that my prostate cancer antigens were over double the norm. Being just 50 yrs old, they did a retest with the same result. Was sent to a Urologist, who did the old, "bend over/deep breath/rubber glove gig". Enlarged right side...
  18. Continental Escape Tyres

    I thought I'd mention that I had a set of these fitted today. Absolutely brilliant. I normally hate having new tyres fitted on wet days but the Contis were really confidence inspiring even in this rubbish weather. Highly recommended based on todays findings. My dad has them on his 650 Dakar and...
  19. Engine Mods

    Africa Twin
    Just came across an old post by John Martin Clark in the Yahoo XRV list, and I thought of fat bloke so I thought I'd copy it across :)