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  1. Hitler finds out the Africa Twin is back in stock

    Africa Twin
  2. TomTom bluetooth receiver.

    I have a TT Rider 2 and want to just use a bluetooth receiver with an earpiece. I don't want or need to use a headset with mike. I do have a bt' receiver but Rider won't connect even though it finds it. The Rider says it doesn't recognise the "phone" and promptly rejects it. (I can get the bt'...
  3. C90 GO

    And here's tonight's entertainment from Mr March Hitler finds out Ed March is riding to the Arctic Circle 2013 - YouTube There's loads of Hitler clips pinched from "that" movie but all the ones I've seen use the same clip, A new clip with added March, unbeatable!
  4. Hitler finds out I borrowed his Suzuki Vanvan

    This video is in no way aimed at my wife Helen, who happens to own a suzuki vanvan. Hitler finds out I borrowed his Suzuki RV125 - YouTube
  5. Got that warm "I've renewed my subscription feeling"

    Africa Twin
    So when the wife finds out I have "wasted my money" (her words not mine) I will have all bank cards and apendages, including testicles locked away until further notice. Until then, bars open, have a drink!
  6. Hitler finds out Ed March is riding a C90 around the world

    Very upset that he is not using a GS1200
  7. Standard tailpipe

    Africa Twin
    What's the best type of paint out there which I can use to give the tailpipe a new lease of life. It need to be heat and water proof. I've tried hammerite but it just flakes off. I've tried heat proof enamel but water finds its way through. Arrgh help. I want to keep the standard pipe on there...
  8. In which Lulu picks up speed and Nessie finds an admirer

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    If we’re all sitting comfortably…time for an update on the unlikely (but continuing) adventures of Lulu and Nessie. Given that the sun appeared to be shining in Leicestershire this morning and it being a Saturday (an all-too-rare combination of circumstances), Nessie was promised a ride out...
  9. Just a quick hello before she finds me on the computer and kills me

    Just a quick hello to the forum. Haven't been here for ages due to rebuilding the house and the missus standing over me with an axe to get the work done. What started off in the summer as a major house redecoration of a 150 year old house has in fact turned out to be a major rebuilding...