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  1. Dominator / FMX
    Need to temporary refit the engine back into the frame of my Dommie, so i can finish off custom subframe and exhaust mounts etc. ;Anybody got any tips on the easiest way of doing this ;I better eat some Wheatabix because i found it heavy to lift out
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I'm looking for a good standard Seat or original Seat cover for my Rd07 to finish its rebuild. The one I got from Poland doesn't fit and they want me to send the Seat to them to fit Cheers John
  3. Dominator / FMX
    I just found this aluminium mudguard at a british bike breakers for a tenner. Lots of polishing required to make it look like new. Just need to suss out a bracket for it. :thumbup: One less job on the list of things to finish my project.:D 400 grit wet and dry then a polishing mop on my drill...
  4. Africa Twin
    Clearly the STD Honda surface finish for their did rims is or was a bit rubbish, given the reports of corroded rims. So what's the alternative? Rims from other manufacturers that don't corrode? Powder coating? I just don't know.... Anyone?
  5. Africa Twin
    Looking for advice on Boano Marathon Replica Tank (One cap or two?) RD03 Looking for some advice on the Marathon Replica tank that is available for the RD03. It comes in a couple of different versions I believe, and any pros/cons to the one cap version versus the two cap one would be...
  6. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    A group of Milemunchers are going to take a gentle ride through the Coastal lanes through Hampshire and Devon to Weymouth for Ice Creams Meeting at Rownham Services, M27 West Bound. at 10am. should finish by 4.30 for the run home. All welcome
  7. Africa Twin
    On my air filter cover (on top of the tank RD07a) there is a plain bit on the textured black finish that looks like it should have a decal on it of some description,should it have anything on it?
  8. XR
    Been on the look out for an aloop tank and seat kit to finish off my xr400. Been keeping a close eye on ebay but nothings come up for sale, is there anything about on here?
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    I have small project where I need to spray some metal sheets, I am going to use Aersol Cans but stuck on the choice of paint type to go for. Here is the list to choose from: * Cellulose * Synthetic Enamel * Basecoat * Metallic and Pearlescent I going for Gloss finish for good...
  10. Product Reviews
    Just like to thank Jonathan and The Rugged Roads Crew for the fast delivery of My RD03 Crash Bars. The quality and finish is outstanding and they look excellent. :iconbiggrin: Cant wait to get the bike fixed and bars installed. Many Thanks.:thumbup:
  11. Suzuki
    Hi all, anyone got some useful insights into a DR 650? all day comfort, stiing on a motorway, economy, robust in a drop, quality of finish, all that kind of thing would help. Thanks
  12. For Sale / Wanted
    bump... still looking for good condition un-painted white mudguard to finish project. thx
  13. Africa Twin
    On the africa twin, is the temp gauge for the oil or water? just be getting time in few days finish the project bike and i want fit the koso temp gauge to the bike
  14. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Taking the thing apart to the last bolt! Story behind it can be found in: End of an era.... Since someone already asked for parts. If anybody needs anything just holler. customer disturbing... will have to finish later...
  15. Mechanical Advice
    I'm rushing & prep'ing a frame for a rebuild for next week and have just been offered a powdercoating for free on top of the bead blasting service a local garage offers. I've got tons of Hammerite spray so I can easily do 3 - 5 layers. But can anyone conclusively say if perhaps a powdercoating...
  16. Varadero
    Swedish Police tested a few Varaderos in 2008: Varadero International :: View topic - Varadero Police motorcycle The Finish Police however, used (or is still using?) a civil R1:
  17. The Longest Day (Planning)
    Just heard from Karen again. She's been in touch with Make-A-Wish france and they're a much smaller organisation than MAW here, just getting started really, and theyre over the moon we're raising money and they'll get some of it. The want to meet us at the Eiffel Tower when we arrive :D...
  18. Mechanical Advice
    Slightly odd, rambling post here - bear with me on this - but I've been idly browsing and reading about various bikes with a vague idea of replacing one of mine, and I've beginning to notice something: Nearly every review or description of bikes I read seems to include something like "finish...
  19. Varadero
    I have just bought a replacement exhaust system on e-bay and the seller has thoughtfully:confused: given it a good going over with a wire brush, taking it right back to the bare metal. I really liked the bronze coloured finish of the originals. Is there a way to restore this finish?
  20. The Longest Day
    I just got this email from The Ace: Hi Tom Having discussed this with my MD's. We will welcome you on the morning of Sunday 21st June 09 opening the doors at 6am with tea/coffee and a helping of bacon sandwiches for the weary travellers. Compliments of our selves. No doubt you'll find that...
1-20 of 22 Results