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  1. Wanted: Top yoke RD07

    For Sale / Wanted
    Just finishing my build and noticed the top yoke is bent! Africa rd07 if anyone has one kicking around? Long shot I know...
  2. chroming header clamps or other finishing options ?

    Dominator / FMX
    one part of the dommie that looks crusty after a while are the header clamps . Just wondered what people think of various finishing options eg chroming /galvanising etc. thanks Bill
  3. RD03 Carb Theory Question

    Africa Twin
    I'm in the midst of restoring my RD03 (very pleased so far). Last night I was finishing up the carbs and noticed that the jets are rated at 130 and 125. Checking the manual confirmed that the front carb gets the 125 and the rear carb gets the 130. My question is why? Why would Honda want the...
  4. Best laid plans

    Got up this morning hell bent on finishing a set of pannier racks for the twin, I've still got some farkles on the Dero that had to come off, so as it was only a couple of minor jobs I thought I'd do them first. Risers were no problems and had them off in a few minutes, Then I tackled the...
  5. Cracking front brake discs

    Africa Twin
    Cracking but unfortunately not in good way when finishing the MOT preparation at the weekend I noticed a small mark on the left disc between the outer and one of the vented holes on closer inspection this turned out to be a hairline crack that went all the way through to the inside of the disc...
  6. Recommended Bike Shops In The South West

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    What started off as a quite easy task... I live in Weston super Mare and i had mail ordered 2 new Tkc 80 for my Dommie from delivered to me at a cost of £129.25 best deal around from the research i did and thought instead of ripping my knuckles out changing them myself id get em...
  7. So after riding bikes for 34 years and.....

    cars for nearly as long, I had my first speeding ticket. :D On my way home after just finishing my night shift. On the A13 opposite direction of the rush hour traffic. Nice clear double and tripple lanes. He pulled me over and the first thing he said" Why didnt you look into your mirror? "...
  8. For Sale: Honda Dominator street tracker on ebay.

    For Sale / Wanted
    There is a Honda NX 650 Dominator street tracker that looks like it just needs a bit of TLC and finishing off. Item number:290921015789 I would go for it myself but I am busy with my own dommy project.:thumbup:
  9. Home Made Sump Guard - The latest instalment

    Bodgers Corner
    As many of you may be aware, I have a fetish about filing & bending alloy. Here is my latest effort . . . My latest ride came with a manufacturers sump guard, but I felt it failed to protect certain parts of the engine . . . so I thought I’d knock one up myself . . . . . Start with some...
  10. 46

    Finishing off the best day of the year, Valentino Rossi gives us some blisteringly entertaining laps at the end of the Qatar GP. Well done Vale, P2 well deserved. Well done Marques in P3 with a stunning move on Valentino 3 laps from the end. Well done Cal Crutchlow. Lets hope the rest of the...
  11. Skye - Roads & Bogs

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    As Galloway was put back to August due to the seasonal weather, the Inversnekien plotted up an island jaunt from Skye to Lewis to the Uists . . . . that changed quite rapidly due to broken down ferries to a weekend on Skye, with some mud & peat thrown in if we were good. I met up with Africajim...
  12. The Pennine Way???

    Austin's Adventures
    Something for later in the year, perhaps July or August and early days in the planning, but as it all seems quiet on here recently I thought I would post up an idea and see if its worth taking further. So.... taking in the absolutely best roads, scenery and locations in Northern England and...
  13. A swift 200

    Whilst building House I have not had time with work or house to go out on the Fat Bird, SO Today was the day I had thrown toys out of pram, donned the water proof enduro kit and went for it. Over the Bwlch, Rhigos, Penderyn, HeolSenny, Sennybridge, Llanwrthted wells, Abersycan Via a nice forest...
  14. rear caliper.... ideas!

    Africa Twin
    Got my wheels back today : ) thought i'd strip the rear brake down & give it a good clean & grease (last job on project before finishing plastics) serviced the fronts last week & they were like new. Noticed that one of the brass slider plates wasnt fitted correctly, started to dismantle the...
  15. Last spot of Sun?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I am trying to manouvre a break at the tail end of September, two possible options I am thinking about at present... 1. Weather getting cool, so catch the Motorail to N. Italy, and then spend 5-6 days coming back at a leisurely pace, taking in a healthy chunk of Alps or Dolomites/Black Forest...
  16. Not a Happy Bunny!!!! Engine Seized?

    Africa Twin
    Went out this afternoon for the first time in months after finishing the engine rebuild on my new RD07a after a output bearing shaft replacement. First 5 or 6 miles ran perfectly then going down a slight hill at approx 60mph the engine started to labour as if I had touched the brakes then got...
  17. If Boris can have a new workshop, so can I.

    Been busy with building and groundwork recently. New bike workshop and garage arrived. Hopefully secure. Only been out on the bike once so far this year. Trying to keep focussed on finishing the building. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  18. A story, a few too many, a very long run and a good cause

    Well boys and girls, I have completely lost my marbles, (yes yes I know, I never really had any given to me) Any way, I am going to start with a little story. In 2006 I dislocated my patella, before that I had been a fairly fit person spending lots of time running up and down mountains with my...
  19. Michelin Desert Tyres

    Africa Twin
    After fitting an 18" rear rim, I bid and won a new pair of deserts on ebay last weekend for around half the price of a new set:thumbup: Fitted the rear which was easier than i expected with its stiff four ply side walls. Still finishing off the bike rebuild so not had chance to try it out...
  20. 185s right hand panels

    Well given up looking for a R/H panel now so decided to try my own version, there are some on ebay at the moment but know the price will soon above what I am willing to pay so This was mark 1 attempt, which did get painted white And today I have been fettling in the garage, needs a bit more...