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  1. Crazy Finn

    The crazy Finnish guy jumping down in to a river with his bike, here is the real original footage. - YouTube
  2. Might buy 1994 XTZ 660 -- what to look out for?

    I am going to take a look at a 1994 Yamaha XTZ 660 Tenere tonight. It has 54000km on it and judging by the pictures it seems to have been taken well care of. I know little about these bikes -- what should I look for mechanically except the basics?
  3. ApriliaTuareg

    Newer knew that Aprilia made this bike. But it`s very clear where the inspiration comes from! With a singel cylinder Rotax engine Aprilia Tuareg 600 Wind -
  4. Laser exhaust for sale in Norway

    Africa Twin
    In case any of the norwegian forum members want a Laser Pro Duro. Seller says it will fit a XRV. Eksospotte Laser Pro Duro - FINN Torget
  5. 1 day after I got my license I traveled europe for 60 days.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Orite, so in december 2008 in I decided to quit my job in Oslo and move back to Sweden and first get my drivers license so I could apply to join the fire service then straight away get my MC license and then go for a biker holiday until the training at the fire fighters academy would begin...
  6. Wicked AT for sale in Norway

    Africa Twin
    It's probably way more expensive to buy a bike from Norway, compared to UK prices, but this bike was so cool I just had to share it: FINN MC - Søk etter motorsykler, mopeder, ATV med mer £1 is about 10 NOK.. Wish I could afford two bikes at the moment. -Fredrik
  7. RD03 Norway/Sweden

    Africa Twin
    Some RD03's 4-sale at the moment. I'm not the seller/owner, I just wanted to show you some of the examples that can be bought right now. FINN MC - Søk etter motorsykler og mopeder. FINN MC - Søk etter motorsykler og mopeder. Honda Africa Twin 650 | Dalarna | Blocket
  8. Leo Vince

    Africa Twin
    Hello guys and girls I just came over a Leo Vince SBK, but its fitted on a Kawa ZR 7. Are there many different types of the SBK, or should this fit just fine on my AT? Thx for answers. Theres a picture here:
  9. Had my MOT done today :-(

    Went to Finn's Motorcycles today to had my mot done and she failed.The chain was to loose :? .Anyway while i was waiting i was chatting (Bullshi...) to the guys and told them about our Website and showed them on there computer the you tube clip about Eynesford 8) 8) 8) 8) .The bossman than...
  10. Wales B/H weekend trip

    Left Friday morning & met up with 6 others at Oxford services on the M40, bikes were Blackbird, Hornet, VFR 800, Fazer & 2 CB500's & my Varadero. Stayed in a somewhat remote youth hostel in Capel-Y-Finn. On Saturday we went for a ride recommended in Bike magazine, almost 300 miles of it...