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  1. lowering TA

    Hi new to this forum, and suffering from ducks disease i want to lower my 650 ta been told sv650 curvy rear shock will fit,and is 10 mm shorter, any confirm od debunk this please.
  2. Manual

    XL Technical Specs
    Hi I'm new to the XL, I have what I thought is a 1989 XL250R, when I've searched the internet the R model seems to have stopped production in 1987 and was replaced with the NX250, can anyone confirm this. Thanks
  3. Excel rim size ? / Street scrambler

    Dominator / FMX
    Wonder if you guys can confirm what width Excel rims you have relaced to OE Hubs ? I am a Michelin dealer so want to use Michelin Anakee Wilds so 110/80/19 or 120/70/19 front with 140/80/17 or 150/70/17 Thanks in advance
  4. Lithium Battery for my scrambler project

    Dominator / FMX
    Has anyone used a lithium battery on they project. Im looking to order the Aliant YLP09X which is equivalent to the YTX9-BS battery just a fraction of the size of it. Just wanted someone to confirm that its the right one before i place the order. Here is the link for the datasheets of the...
  5. Needle jet holders - RD04

    Africa Twin
    Just need someone to confirm correct positions of needle jet holders on RD04. There is 3 hole and 5 hole, so which one goes to which cylinder?
  6. Probably a very silly question - XL700 reserve tank/switch - fuel questions

    Sorry I have googled but no firm conclusion. XL700 2009 - is there a 'reserve' tank? If yes, where is the switch to chose it? Also do you have to fill it separately or just in the normal hole? Yes...this is my first proper bike :occasion8: p.s roughly how many miles should I get from a full tank?
  7. Dominator 650 98 compatible rear shock

    Dominator / FMX
    Can anyone confirm or reject that xlv600 transalp and nx650 rd08 use the same rear shock? Thanks in advance
  8. Honda Topbox mount = GIVI Monolock ???

    Can anyone confirm if the mounting method for the Honda topbox, the one with the painted lid made by GIVI, is the same mount as a GIVI Monolock please?
  9. Wanted: RD07 1994 ECU/CDI wanted

    XRV Swap Shop
    Looks like a failed reg/rec on my 1994 RD07 has damaged the ECU :( so looking out for a replacement. Anyone know of one available (even just to test to confirm mine has actually failed)? Are there any recommendations for an after-market unit? Thanks.
  10. XR Front wheels?

    Is the XR250 (96-2004) front wheel the same spindle size and fit as the XR400 one Can anyone confirm?
  11. engine number query nx650 Dominator

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi people. looking for some clarification on my 88 Dominator It has untouched and original numbers ,However I have looked at the engine number list as posted on the site my engine number is 2000012 is there any way to confirm the engine number.? it still has the kickstart fitted ,engine runs...
  12. Xl700 low seat part no

    Just bought what was supposed to be a low seat for my 700 but part no is the same as the one I've got which is 77200MFFAD000 Think I've been had so can anyone help with the right part number and confirm if this is the part number for a std seat please?
  13. Advice needed re: TA 700 suspension

    I find the TA 700 suspension rather firm. I feel every single little bump in the road. Can anyone offer any advice on replacing the rear shock etc? Thanks
  14. Quick seat question

    Africa Twin
    Guys, just a quick one - does an RD04 seat fit an RD07a - I dont think so but need to confirm it - there's one I want to buy but cant remember if it fits or not! Cheers.............. Bri
  15. How to adjust rear suspension preload

    Africa Twin
    Hi, please can someone confirm whether I adjust the rear suspension spring length on the side stand or on the centre stand? On my 2001 model the haynes manual states a spring length of 242.7 mm. Thanks
  16. thread pitch

    Dominator / FMX
    can someone please confirm the metric thread pitch I need when recovering cylinder head threads are they m6 x1.25? what other sizes do I need if I want to clean up all the other screw threads thankyou
  17. RD04 Cockpit Bulbs

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Can anyone confirm that the water temperature gauge on the RD04L should be illuminated? I noticed yesterday evening when riding home that I couldn't see the gauge. The speedo and rev counters are lit up. Thanks Daddio
  18. Xr400 side stand on AT?

    Africa Twin
    Need a longer side stand for my rd07. Read somewhere that a xr400 stand is around 5cm longer and wi fit a AT. Can anyone confirm this?
  19. SLR and FX Forks

    Dominator / FMX
    Can someone confirm that the forks, frame and suspension are the same on the SLR650 as the FX650 (both Vigors)?
  20. Dominator seat cover

    Dominator / FMX
    Does antone know if an FMX seat cover would fit a Dominator - They look very similar. I have found a firm who makes FMX ones in the colour I want in leather. They do not list the Dominator. Thanks.