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  1. Transalp 650 voltage / charging / RR

    Hello, I recently changed my air filter, and went for a ride. It made a big difference - better sound and more low down torque. On this ride, I stopped for some fish and chips. Went to start my bike and the box next to the battery (relay?) made a clicking noise, but no power to the bike. I...
  2. Starter dead after and off

    Africa Twin
    Just done loads of work on the bike, all successful then went to start it and nada. The other day the rear tyre blew and came off the bead, causing me to fishtail and come off. Apart from the tyre a headlamp smashed. I was bruised but no worse. A car coming on the other direction happened to...
  3. Trail tech Vapour.

    Dominator / FMX
    I just got a mate to order this from the states for me. :blob7: STEALTH BLACK TRAIL TECH VAPOR COMPUTER AND 022-TM MOUNT 02-03 CRF450R + CR500 | eBay I couldnt find the dash in europe so I sent some dosh to a mate in Philadelphia (where they make the cream cheese?) He then sends it to me as a...
  4. West of Crete on a scoot

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Returned recently from a 2 week jaunt in Crete, exploring mountain villages and seeking out the quieter;);) beaches. Rented a scoot. The man in the shop said we could take it anywhere - "Balos every day if you like" (Balos is nearly an hour down a dirt road.) This is a tarmac trip down the West...
  5. Heading north

    Africa Twin
    Heading to northern Norway today for a 2 week vacation. I'm planning to camp, fish and do some photography. I will be blogging (in norwegian) here: Andreas Ravnestad | ctrl-paw-delete Here is the queen ready for conquest: Also I discovered that my camera can take excellent IR photos...
  6. free ad for this site

    Last month I went to the BMF rally, I ws only there for the Saturday as I had to replace a broken fishtank. While I was there the photographer for the BMF mag turned up at the club stand and the photo was shown in the current mag.
  7. Shorty Long Durness run

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I'm calling this Shorty Long tour as I didn't plan on going as far afield. Started off by going too see an old friend near Dornoch, called at the house, missus says he's just left on a run up North. Thought to myself, He's on a GS, should be able to catch up with relatively quickly,;) so set...
  8. Car windscreen help

    Now, whilst I have an encyclopaedic knowledge of bikes;) Cars......That's a different kettle of fish. My wife bought a Micra today and she showed me around it. There is an awful crack and star crack in the black area of the windscreenabove the mirror. - Yes, it is much longer than the 40mm stuff...
  9. So long and thanks for all the fish.....

    Now we're going to see who's into Douglas Adams.... ;) I'm leaving the fair and sunny shores of Old Blighty for the other side of the world - literally.... I'm moving to New Zealand in 2 weeks! Although it's a huge wrench on my heart to leave family and friends, I'm being drawn over there by...
  10. Great time

    National Meets
    Nice to see some old and new faces - glad to be of assistance when needed Felt a bit of a wimp not being able to shake hands properly due to the dislocated finger so hope no-one was offended Got the mudguard back Tuesday and fitted it Wednesday and was able to move the bikes around in the...
  11. I'll tell you what's wrong with Scotland

    Rant time. The lad and I have just been away for four days in the Highlands and I've never seen such blatant profiteering in my life. Take Fort Augustus for example. For those that don't know it's bang on the main road between Fort William and Inverness so hardly the arse and of nowhere but...
  12. Heated Grip attachment

    Mechanical Advice
    I almost had a MOT failure due to my heated grips having a slight movement in them. So as I am not at the HUMM due to a rectifier issue I’ve decided to get this problem fixed. Only issue have never done such a job before. I have unscrewed and cleaned both grips; My first...
  13. Hose pipe ban do's and don'ts

    I was listening to a guy on the radio today from Anglian Water being interviewed about the hose pipe ban. Here are some of the points raised. You cannot use a hose to water your garden. You can though water your garden with a watering can. When you have done this you will probably need a long...
  14. Happy birthday lulu

    That was a bloody fast year! In early 'cos I got fed up fishtailing the rattler in the snow. Book test young'll prob'ly make it through the rest of the winter...:) ... :occasion8: :occasion7::occasion9::occasion1::occasion2::occasion4::occasion6::occasion5:
  15. My turn to go under the doc's knife.....

    In a few hours and, as I am a wimp, I thought I would fish for some sympathy from my XRV the hope to have more than one!:D
  16. Lesser Weever fish NASTY CRITTERS!

    Just like to share the fact that I have had the misfortune of standing on one of these v nasty sh ty things today down at our local beach! NOT TO BE RECOMMENDED IT beeeeeeep hurts!!!!!!!!!!!! Lived nearish to the sea all my life and never stood on one before! Apparently they bury into the sand...
  17. An fish experts here?

    Cleared the pond out today to discover that one of the gold fish as turned completely white :confused: :confused: Anyone know whats happened? Has he got some sort of disease? Did he get a terrible shock ?? :shock: Do I need to bring him to the vets, or start the Bar B Que ??