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    Can we?....Please:) We really need a fishing rod, for instance.....:hitler: Is there an 'deranged tosser'smiley (shall I send in my passport picture?....or have GSers already got one) :-D And a 'peace and love' smiley..... And the 'roll eyes' and 'confused ' could be a lot better...
  2. Chatter
    I went fishing the other week, at low tide, for spout fish. Very tasty. Enjoy
  3. Mechanical Advice
    Happy Sunday to all, I am wondering how to rig up a fishing tackle (and / or, pole carrier) to my bike. Has anyone done this before? Basically, I have panniers to carry all my fishing tackle, but I have a 13ft long beach caster which folds down into 4 sections. The beach caster isn't an easy...
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1-4 of 6 Results