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  1. VTR crankshaft on varadero?

    Hello everyone. I need a little help. Rebuild my engine after previous owners)) Maybe someone knows - is the crankshaft from VTR suitable to varadero (2005)? both have the same parts: connecting rods, bolts for rods, connecting rods and crankshafts bearings, needle bearing and key woodruff...
  2. XL/XR Exhaust Fitment

    Does anybody know if the XR500 silencer/muffler will fit on the xl500 header pipes as I'm struggling to find a decent silencer, alternatively if anyone out there has a good condition XL500s silencer for sale get in touch with details. Cheers
  3. About Excel rims

    Africa Twin
    I am thinking changing my old XRV 650 rims for new Excel ones. The original front rims are 21x1.85 while the Excel rims seem to only be available in 21x1.65 or 21x2.25 (KTM fitment?) Am I missing something? Lee
  4. Regulator/Rectifier RD07A

    Africa Twin
    Not a new thread, I just want confirmation from experience: Can I use a post 2005 Yamaha R1's 50Amp Regulator/Rectifier for my 2001 AT? If so, does it need heavy modifications to the connectors and fitment?
  5. Xr 200 rear wheel fitment

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Hi everyone I am a newby I have a 1984 xr 250 with a 17inch rear wheel, Someone has offered me an 18inch rear wheel from a 1980 xr 200, Does anyone know if the xr 200 would fit the xr 250 for fitment etc, Anyone tried this I have been told that some of these parts are interchangeable ?? Best...
  6. Wheel fitment

    Dominator / FMX
    Looking at replacing my front wheel from 21inch to 19inch. Will a 19inch from a SLR fit straight on using the 19inch front disc. Can I use the original caliper, brembo in my case (97 model) or do I use one from and SLR/Vigor. If so will the caliper bolt straight on to fork leg without...
  7. Pushbike for Vader?

    Well, it does have the essential fitment - Wot d'ya reckon? :D 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  8. Lights

    Africa Twin
    Might consider some additional running lights on the AT - like LED / spot lamp type thingies What have you got, what do they look like, how much, ease of fitment etc?
  9. fx650 rear shock absorber

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all, i'm in need of a rear shock for my fx650 in a hurry, there's await for a new one and to get the old one overhauled, does anyone know of an alternative fitment for the bike ? or has anyone got a used one they are willing to part with untill i can get mine sorted ? cheers Stu
  10. '91 Alp wheels- fitment on later models?

    Hi all, When did the front ends of Alps change to twin discks ? I was wondering what other Alp models the shiny black Excel rim'd wheels from my (single font disk) '91 Alp (XL600VN model) would fit. Thanks all. Nick
  11. Fairing fitment

    Africa Twin
    Just trail fitting my painted fairing before it gets rapped next week , as the bike has gone down the road i would assume a few bits have been bent , has anyone got any pics off inside the cockpit and the panel gaps from the tank to fairing :thumbup:
  12. kmx headlight fitment

    kmx headlight fitment for an xr400 Does anyone out there in xr land know which kmx headlamp fits into the xr as I now have the 200watt upgrade on my xr400 and would like to put a bigger bulb into the front candle I have now. P,s happy new year to one and all
  13. Road/Supermoto Wheel fitment CRF

    CRF - New Forum!
    Hey guys, i'm wondering if anyone can give me a little advice. I'm thinking of road registering my 2004 crf250 so i can blat around on it locally over the summer so i obviously need a set of road wheels. Rather than shed out a fortune on talon excels i was thinking i'd get a pair of wheels off a...
  14. Honda Top Box Fitment

    Africa Twin
    I have just bought a genuine honda topbox from ebay and hope I havnt made a mistake. It is off a Varadero so I presumed it would fit an @ question is will it and if not what will I need. On my @ is the original Honda carrier. Thx
  15. exhaust model fitment help required?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I'm looking for a replacement tail can on my 01 at, I've seen one for sale that is listed as fitting yrs 93-97. Would I be correct in thinging it'll fit my 01?
  16. side panel fitment

    Africa Twin
    simple question,will a rear seat side panel of an rdo7 ,fit an rdo4
  17. Acerbis Handguard fitment ??

    Africa Twin
    My neighbour has an AT, and just got a set of Ascerbis handguards, Can anyone post a pic or two from different perspectives for him to look at on how they are fitted please ?? Secondly, do the bar-end weights get removed when fitting these handguards ?? And what effect if any will that have on...
  18. RD07 TKC80 Fitment

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone managed to install a 150/70-17 on the rear of a RD07 without any problems? I am unable to order the suggested 140/80-17 size. Thanks
  19. Autocom - favoured spot for fitment?

    Africa Twin
    I have at long last acquired my new bike - 2000 @ in the fastest colour....BLACK....of course, and now need to fit all of my bits to it. Question to the forum - those that have an intercom hard wired into the bike - where is the best place to fit the magic box? Do I just put it into the bottom...