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  1. MKI RD02 vs MKII RD02 fairing fitments

    Dominator / FMX
    Anyone here ever tried fitting MK2 fairings and sidepanels to a MKI (US Model ) RD02? Is the frame the same? or will it need fettling? I know the seats are different but what about the rubber mounts on the sidepanels are they the same on both the RD02's? The only reason I ask is I have an...
  2. Conti Trail Attacks on a 700

    Hi Everyone I notice on a few threads that 700 owners have manged to get a set of Conti trail attacks on their tubed rims and wondered what Size they went for as I'm darned if I can find a Tubed Tire that in their listings that match the OEM fitments.... I'm no expert in this area TBH and am...
  3. will a 160 section rear tyre fit?

    Aw'ight Gang! Does anyone know if a 160 rear tyre will generally fit in an XR600 swing arm? The chain touches the 150 tyre thats in there now, but the guy at AAA who do the Goldspeeds says "there's an app for that!". This has come about cause I wanted to fit some wets for the winter and I'm...
  4. Ta 600 pannier frames

    Hi, As it would appear that no-one on the forum has a s/hand set of pannier frames for my TA 600 V-J does anyone know if they are still available from Givi and are the fitments the same from the first model until they changed to 650. I have had a look on the Givi web site but it does not list...
  5. XR Spindle sizes?

    I will shortly be putting my 'left over' wheels for sale on Ebay after selling my xr250r to 'mauser'. I need help to confiirm which models i can state that they will fit. They appear to have 14mm ID bearings on the front wheel and 17mm ID bearings on the rear wheel. They were used on my...
  6. For Sale: Yamaha TT250R

    For Sale / Wanted
    I am selling my Yamaha TT250R, it is a great little bike but I really want another DR350 so I have decided to sell it. I bought the bike last September from a Honda dealer near London and have done less than 500 miles on it, that has been mostly commuting to work and two trail-rides. 2004...
  7. Dommie Modding Questions

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi folks. I have a 1989 NX which has just rolled over 30k miles. The engine has been rebuilt by Dave Lambeth in the last 4-5 years, and the bike's done Maroc and Tunisia a couple of times! At the moment I'm using it for laning, with the 300mile+ big tank still fitted. I have a few questions...
  8. More tyres; radial v crossply

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    This is something I know little enough about, I've always just used the recommended fitments on whatever bike I've had and I've only ever had 1 bike with radials (Honda Hornet). Here's my question; I have a friend with a gsx750f, the newer type with the curvy body and the pointy tail and it...