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  1. Fixtures and fittings

    I have been fettling bikes for most of my life. the variety of fixtures and fittings does my swede in. Here is a useful looking guide to some of the more esoteric types. As a biker and fixer and semi engineer it never ceases to amaze me the variety of fixings and fittings available. We have set...
  2. corroding aluminium

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi there, One of my tripods which i have not used for some time has aluminium fixtures which are used to extend the legs and lock them in place. The powder coating has flaked off and the aluminum underneath has started corroding with a loose white gray powder on the surface. i have brushed...
  3. For Sale: Touratech and other bits for TA700 & 650 and for a Varadero 1000

    For Sale / Wanted
    I am having a clearout of bits I never use or that I dont need anymore. now with some prices reduced [TABLE="width: 709"] Item Cost New My Price Touratech Sump Guard for Transalp 700 (also fits a 650, but some old sump guard brackets are left unused). Used for a few months on my 650. 141...
  4. Sold: BMW 1150 GSA 2002 '52' plate FOR SALE

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    2002 '52' plate BMW 1150 GSA single spark/NO ABS/ FOR SALE @ £5350 ovno The one to have if you are going RTW without the troublesome ABS/ servo's etc This was and is my pride and joy BUT the GSA is not being used at all these days due to an ongoing and new to me medical condition/chronic...
  5. France, Italy, Switzerland sans Péage (Aug 2011)

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Days 1 and 2: Home to Arras, France. Ferry booked, booking altered, and altered again! But see how the bikes are lashed down now. No more oily ropes over the saddle, and no agonising over whether to use the centre stand or side stand. Proper fixtures. I'd checked out loads of campsites on...
  6. Rear wheel nut? Also a seat Q?

    For my xl600lm? Also, how does the seat fix on? Are there special rubbers for the rear mounting holes? Any rubber blocks under the seat? I'm missing fixtures and my manual has no diagrams for the seating fittings.
  7. When do you call it a day and scrap your AT?

    Africa Twin
    When do you call it a day and send your beloved AT on that final journey? My '94 RD07 failed its MOT. The mechanic reckons the wear is so bad that the bearing fixtures have ovalled. Is this possible? I have sourced a fixer who can rebuild with nylon bushes for £50, is this recommended? The...
  8. Wanted: 99 vara centre stand

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I'm looking for a centre stand for my 1999 XL1000, with all fixtures an fittings please, if anyone has one kicking about and wants rid of it could you please pm me Thanks Ally
  9. Sidcup Long Distance Trial-April 27th

    Competitions / Trials
    Regs are out here t_2008_regs.pdf - come on don't be shy It is a great day out with money raised for the Kent Air Ambulance- check out the list of riders already signed up here...